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D.Parsons 01-01-2006 01:31 PM

New Switchback LD
What kind of speed do you all think I am realistcly looking at
with the Switch back Ld.Set on 30 inch draw,70#,449gr
Arrow.It has a 9 inch brace height.A trap door mach4 rest?

Trapper_Hunter 01-01-2006 04:37 PM

RE: New Switchback LD
switchback LD i havnt even heard of it

D.Parsons 01-01-2006 06:55 PM

RE: New Switchback LD
The switchback LD is the newest of the switchback's.
Check out there web page.The ld was made mainly for the longer draw lenght's.That is the reason for the 9 inch brace height.

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