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ma_hunter 10-10-2002 06:15 PM

The "October Lull"
Was wondering what the members thought of the theory about an October Lull. That being a couple of weeks in October before the pre-rut where the Bucks lay low, just eat, and rest up for the festivities to come.

Does anyone believe this or is it just bunk?

parker1 10-10-2002 06:19 PM

RE: The "October Lull"
I definitly believe in it. About this time of the season I hardly see any buck and nothing seems to help, like grunting or rattling. But come the end of October it really picks up.

BOWFANATIC 10-10-2002 06:21 PM

RE: The "October Lull"
I've heard a few buddies talk about it , but where I hunt I haven't noticed any type of lull.

"Nocked,cocked & ready to rock"

fletchdp 10-10-2002 06:58 PM

RE: The "October Lull"
I never heard it refered to as an "October lul". All I know is I sure don't see many of em this time of year...though hunting for sure..

Good Luck All....Fletch

wolfen68 10-11-2002 10:17 AM

RE: The "October Lull"
ma hunter...I've posted this exact topic a couple times in the past and never had much response. I firmly believe in it and have read about it in different articles. In my area it is thick timber mostly with acorns dropping everywhere. Deer will have sufficient cover and food within a very small area...they don't need to move much and I think they eat and bed, eat and bed, eat and bed and don't move far at all. It makes for very tough early season hunting. Once the rut comes however, the bucks really start to move and it gets very exciting.

Deer902 10-11-2002 10:31 AM

RE: The "October Lull"
The only time I see bucks now is when I'm spotting at night. I've seen a couple does moving around, but no buck yet. I can't wait til the rut.

hill runner 10-11-2002 10:38 AM

RE: The "October Lull"
I'm with BowFan on this one. I haven't noticed them slowing down that much.

GForce 10-11-2002 11:21 AM

RE: The "October Lull"
My season opened on 10-1 and I seen NOTHING all day. Climbed in a different stand the next day only to hear the hickory nuts falling all aroung the first stand just 70 yards away. When it got light enough to see, I could make out three sets of legs moving through the stand of hickory trees. They were within 40 yards of a small river. The heat wave that moved through the area during opening week and a lack of significant rainfall has kept the deer close to water sources. But a number of things still hold true; deer must find water, must browse and will move even if for short distances.

The deer that I seen feeding in the hickory thicket moved out of sight. After about 15 minutes, I blew a fawn contact bleat series, waited about 5 more minutes and repeated. Doing this in hopes that a big doe would come in.

Following the last bleats about 10 minutes went by and then off to the left my eye caught the give-away flash of an ear flicker. When the deer came into view I seen what I knew was a large buck. As he came closer I recognized the rack configuration as this super 8-Point that I had been on all of last years season, but couldn't get him into bow range. He's even bigger now!

He came in closer, moving slow but deliberate. Watching for what he had heard, stopped withing 20 yards and looked around for the source of the call. He was in this close and the brush he held in yielded no shot opportunity. It was a successful hunt. No, I didn't get to harvest him, but I now know for sure he made it through last winter.

In the past nine days that I have been out, I have recorded seven bucks. Only the one forementioned was a shooter, but I know they are out there.

My closest hunting partner took a nice 13-Point Non-Typ last Friday about 600 yards downstream from my stand locations.

Watch the signs near water, especially if there are funnel areas connecting bedding areas to water sources. All but one buck came into sight between these spots.


Shoot often - Hunt always

Deleted User 10-11-2002 12:53 PM

[Deleted by Admins]

OlMossyHorns 10-11-2002 12:57 PM

RE: The "October Lull"
I've definately noticed this lack of activity in the years I have hunted. Just stick it out, hunt hard, and it will all be worth it when the rut comes.

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