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Default Beginner

What would you guy reccomend as a good beginner's bow (if there is such and thing) and what is the best way to begin hunting (or hunting preparation). I have no one I can bow hunt with, so all of my learning will be done solo.

Appreciateyour time.
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Default RE: Beginner

I had the some situation when i started. Just go to a bow shop and ask a lot of questions, shoot some different bows and find the one that fits you the best. Practice a lot before you go out and actually hunt. This forum is GREAT you will learn a lot of stuff on here. When you have a question dont be afraid to ask. There are so many people on here that are very very smart and experts at archery, they will help you.
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Default RE: Beginner

Welcome to the forums.

There are so many good starter bows out there it's really hard to just say "hey, use this one." Probably the best advice is to visit some archery shops in your area and talk with them about getting started. Let them take your measurement to find your proper draw length and then they can make further suggestions. The best thing you can do for yourself as a beginner is be sure you have a bow that fits you perfectly. A bow that is too long/short is only going to cause headaches.

As far as hunting I'd pickup some books and/or magazines to read. Also there are many good shows to watch on the Outdoor Channel, OLN, ESPN2, etc. that you can watch and start to get an understanding of the basics. Many of these shows also produce DVD's that you can buy and watch as well. In the end though the best thing to do is just get out there an hunt.

And don't forget to ask questions. There are alot of knowledgable folks on these forums that will help out whenever they can.

Once you get started ... you'll be hooked like the rest of us!

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Default RE: Beginner

A proshop would be in the best position to advise you on a first bow and fit you for it .

If you could tell us where you live there's probably a member or two nearby who could help you with the other part .
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Default RE: Beginner

I just started last year and bought my bow from my brother-in-law. Its a Martin Cheeta. It works well for me, and seems easy enough to shoot. However, its the only bow I've ever shot.
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Default RE: Beginner

I think the sport needs new hunters. Shoot as many different bows as possible before choosing one. Buy quality equipment, the value will last. I personally like Matthews and Parker bows, but there are many quality bows out there.

Make sure you can hit your target consistently before going out to hunt live targets. Practice judging distance constantly. Shoot from different positions and recreate real hunting situations as much as possible.

Find a place to hunt. Study aerial photos and topo maps. Deer use natural cover and funnels, ditches, creeks, etc. to travel between bedding areas and food. Go in and look for deer sign. Use every outing to learn something about the area and deer habits. Try public land and ask one of the guys who work there about good areas to start, let them know you are new and need all the help you can get.

Read hunting articles that teach how to scout an area by looking at aerial photos and topo maps.

Don't give up, just when you think you will never geta shot at a deer, viola, there one will appear when you least expect it. You have to rely on your practice at that point. You should be as comfortable with your new equipment as possible before the moment of truth. Draw your bow without alerting the deer, PICK A SPOT (don't concentrate on the rack or size of the animal) aim at tuft of hair or crease, something small. Take a deep breath, recheck the basics such as distance, correct pin sight, making sure you are anchored correctly, focusing through the peep not around it, recheck the distance and let out half that deep breath, steady now on the spot, get still and release. Don't forget to follow through, watch the arrow in flight still focusing through the peep and sight, to see where the arrow hits, breathe, relax, and watch the animal to see which direction it runs. Mentally mark the spot where the animal was standing when shot and where it ran to. Wait 30 minutes, go mark the spot with toilet paper and retrieve your arrow. Look for blood, hair, fecal material on the arrow, this will give an indication of where you hit it.

Frothy red blood = lung shot - excellent - deer should expire w/in 75 yds wait at least another 30 minutes (1 hour minimum)

Dark red blood w/no bubbles - muscle or heart shot - good shot - deer should fall w/in 150 to 200 yds wait at least 1 hour mimimum.

Dark matter and foul smell - gut shot - wait at least 4 hours to retrieve animal
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Default RE: Beginner

Bow pro shop, not a chain store. Pro's should spend a lot of time setting you up and helping you find a bow that fits you and your budget. Don't expect much help this time of year though, the time for that has passed. Get ready for next year.

As for learning about hunting. I recommend reading A Practical Guide to Producing and Harvesting White-tailed Deerby Dr. James C. Kroll comprehensive book.
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