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Ken/WV 09-30-2002 03:11 PM

Starting to get concerned...
More and more people are having problem's falling or almost falling from treestands. Makes me think alittle bit as season approaches. I usually don't use a safety harness because the only one I ever had was a single waist strap. But when I purchased my Hunters View Hawk Cable Climber, it came with a full harness that goes around your shoulders and chest. So with all the almost falls, you can be sure I'll be wearing mine come October 12.

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Rob/PA Bowyer 09-30-2002 10:07 PM

RE: Starting to get concerned...
<font size=4>WEAR IT</font id=size4> I want to hear the hunting story afterward, not about someone falling from stand!

<font color=blue>Good Luck and Good Shooting</font id=blue>

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gulfcoasthunter 10-01-2002 12:34 AM

RE: Starting to get concerned...
Take it from someone who has, fallen wear the safty strap or even better purchase a five point harness like The Seat of the Pants. Its no fun laying at the bottom of a tree looking up at your stand where you were a few seconds before.

Deleted User 10-01-2002 07:47 AM

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Chris Walls 10-11-2002 08:27 AM

RE: Starting to get concerned...
Wearing your harness is extremely important -- check out our video feed at on treestand safety.

Chris Walls
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thenuge15 10-11-2002 10:26 AM

RE: Starting to get concerned...
I always use mine, i also bought adapter straps with coated rings on them. This ways when i am at the top of my later i click in and when i get out i wait until im on the ladder to unclick. The only time i have ever came close to falling is getting in or out of the stand. This way i do not have to worry about that.

Deleted User 10-11-2002 10:43 AM

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LongSpur 10-11-2002 11:01 AM

RE: Starting to get concerned...
Hey Commanche,

Do you have a link or anything to the website listing the stands that were recalled by Hunter's View. I got on their website and didn't see anything.


Ken/WV 10-11-2002 11:14 AM

RE: Starting to get concerned...
I have already read about the re-call. All I saw was lock on stands that used a nylon ratchet strap. My climber was on the list, and I have not had a problem with it to this point.

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titleist 10-11-2002 03:07 PM

RE: Starting to get concerned...
I've found it not only serves as a safety device in the event of a fall, but also a security blanket. I feel a lot more relaxed in shooting from a stand with the harness on. My grouping is noticeably better with the harness on, cause I can relax and focus on the deer instead of focussing on my balance and wondering if I'm gonna fall.

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