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tremolo 10-19-2004 11:15 AM

which arrow rest
Hey guys im getting ready to buy a new rest for my bow and want to know what the absolute best one you could buy for no more then $150. Have been looking at drop aways and regular rest but i can decided between which one i want, so i want to kow what you guys think is the best rest for the price range and i will go from there. Im currently using a PSE Firestorm Lite with terminator hunters that i will be switching to gold tips when i get the new rest.

thanks guys


KBacon 10-19-2004 11:38 AM

RE: which arrow rest
GKF Infinity is the best on the market.. can be used as a drop away or a standard style rest.

If you want a really good bullet proof rest that works wonderfully that doesn't break the bank.. check out the GKF TKO.. it also can be setup as a drop away or standard style rest... it just doesn't have all the micro adjust features that the Infinity has.

mjqood0 10-19-2004 12:00 PM

RE: which arrow rest
Ain't this gonna be fun! I'm sure there are probably lots of opinions on this one but I'll give you mine too!

While I like the GKF series, I'd be inclined to go with the Trophy Ridge Drop Zone. You can pick up either the "Hunter" model or the plain "Drop Zone" model for under $100 and so far, I've been shooting great groups out of it. I would not, however, recommend spending the extra money on the guide series...

bugleboy 10-20-2004 08:27 AM

RE: which arrow rest
I am using the Trophy Ridge Drop Zone. Solid rest and is right in line with your budget. I agree with mjqood0, don't wast your money on the guide series, the Hunter or Standard model will do the trick. Good Luck!

alwinearcher 10-20-2004 12:41 PM

RE: which arrow rest
kbacon put it very well.
THE infiniti can not be beet,
I have shot trophy taker, trophy ridge, and lots of other rests too. and i have a a infiniti on my target bow and a TKO on my hunting bow.

IL-Cornfed 10-20-2004 02:25 PM

RE: which arrow rest
I say skip the GK commercials and go with the rest that has earned it's reputation as an incredible performer in the field in ONLY a couple seasons!!! The Trophy Ridge Drop Zone is an exceptional rest as can be quickly learned by conducting a "search" on this forum and others. Check it out for yourself? For a rest to be this new and gain a tremendous following from serious bowhunters like this is just incredible. See why MANY consider the TR DZ to be THE best in the industry! :)

alwinearcher 10-20-2004 02:31 PM

RE: which arrow rest
I agree the drop zone is a solid rest, but its kinda bulky, and i worry about something getting inside where the roler is, wouldent take much to catch that up:(

wesleykey 10-20-2004 02:54 PM

RE: which arrow rest

GKF Infinity is the best on the market..

tremolo 10-22-2004 11:46 AM

RE: which arrow rest
bugleboy why do you recommend not getting the guide series? I found one online for $105 is it not worth the price for it?

bugleboy 10-22-2004 04:03 PM

RE: which arrow rest
tremolo, If you can get it for that price, then go for it. All it is giving you is "Precision Micro Adjustments" that allows you to adjust the H/V range in small increments. I have the Mid range DZ with the dampner on it, and it is a great rest. I paid $115 for it this past Spring at a local pro shop, so apparently the prices are coming down. Check out he mid range and see what you think. I just don't think it's worth the extra $$ for those adjustments. IMHO

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