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By: Allen “horntagger” Morris

ATA Archery Trade Association – It is a place for new companies to show off their products. It is a place for existing companies to show off their new and existing products. It is a one stop shop for anyone with a bow shop, sporting goods store and hunting club or what every you might be trying to stock or sell. It is a place if you have any interest in buying or selling hunting items for the outdoors you should have been this year no matter how big you think your are or how small.

ARCHERY TRADE ASSOCIATION is the 50-year-old archery trade association composed of over 600 archery manufacturers, distributors, retailers, sales reps and the archery media who are working together to "promote and protect" your bow and arrow sports. Over 90 people from 70 companies volunteer their time and expenses working for you! Whether you are a bowhunter, a target archer, or a member of the archery industry, you benefit from ATA's programs and teamwork. All ATA programs are funded by ATA's annual industry trade show.

A record 475 exhibitors booked and staffed booth space at the seventh annual Archery Trade Association’s Archery Trade Show, held Jan. 17-19, 2003, at the Indianapolis Convention Center, selling out the floors in four of the center's massive halls.

For the ATA 2004 Trade Show – here are some of the new products at the 2004 ATA Trade Show.

I hope to show you some top 10 products of different companies you need to take a look at this year. These are just some of the products at the show that struck my interest and might benefit you the hunter in the next season. You will have to decide for yourself if these products are what you are missing.

I have decide this year to limit it to the top 10 in detail. Otherwise this would go on and on.

My No. 1 and the most outstanding video showing their product in use was THE GOBBLER GUILLOTINE by ARROWDYNAMIC SOLUTIONS. This product and video was the show highlight. This broadhead for turkey hunting will be a highlight for anyone that hunt’s turkeys with the almighty bow and arrow.

I would almost put my shotgun down to try it out this spring just so I would not have to wait till fall. Well I said almost. This is a 20 yard and under broadhead which makes it even more exciting.

My only question is how to quiver this bad boy, but might just have to be a field installed product.

I believe it to be one of the most ethical broadheads for turkey on the market. But you still have to decide for yourself. Check out or 1-512-515-6299 for more information.

Next and No.2 on the list as I roamed the floor at I ran into what I say will be one of the greatest delivery scent system for deer known to man. LURELOGIK SPRAY REMOTE DISPENSER by SPRAYLOGIK. Just the fact on not handling the scent makes me feel great but dispensing it on command makes it even greater at distances of 50 yards.

Just wish I could put the system on my favor scent. They have their own but I have no field experience with this. But, worth the try one time for sure.

But one of the most impressive advancement’s is not in hunting but for your dog. Instead of shocking your dog check out the ANTI-BARK SPRAY COLLAR, SPRAY COMMANDER and VIRTUAL FENCE. Each time your dog barks, in the case of the Anti-Bark Spray Collar the device releases a harmless, scentless spray in front of the dog’s snout.

I believe this will eliminate the shock collars in the near future. But you still have to decide for yourself. Check out or or 1-888-456-2626 for more information.

No.3 on the list is ANTLER MOUNTING KITS by MAUS PRODUCTS – I like this better than any cap mount I have ever seen because of the possibility. These create a beautiful wood mount perfect for any room. Desk Mounts, Wall Mounts with multiple choices in those two categories.

Check out or 1-585-494-2775 for more information. Decide for yourself but, I will be purchasing two and passing it along to my own taxidermist.

No. 4 and just an awesome way to enjoy your own deer hunting land is the VIDEO-SCOUT by PENN’S WOODS they had some great home video of it in the field. High-resolution video camcorder scouting system that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It uses a passive infrared motion detector to detect game. This PIR triggers the camcorder when it sees motion in conjunction with heat. Once motion is detected the camcorder will be powered up, record for a user set amount of time, then powered down.

The only down side is you have to provided your own camcorder and it is not just priced for everyone to order.

Check out or 1-724-468-8311 for more information. This will be on my Christmas gift list for the next few years or until I just buy one which ever comes first.

No. 5 which is not a new product but one that is worth repeating from year to year. This is BUCK FEVER SYNTHETICS deer scents by HAWGS LIMITED. After a second year in a row of using this product it impresses me more each year to the point I can’t wait until next year.

If I could get the scent dispensing system above on this product the I could just open up the back end of the truck and let the deer walk in. The number of scrapes, rubs and deer sightings and deer action in view of the hunter while using the product has time after time proven itself beyond belief.

The worst thing about this scent is I have to order over the phone because they don’t carry locally.

I will never go a season without Hawgs Limited line of deer scents, I will make you that promise. Check out or 1-888-282-4294 for more information

No. 6 and my last year field test product is the BULLET CLIMBING TREESTAND by SUMMIT TREESTANDS, LLC. Easy to pack, Easy to Setup, Easy to Climb and the most comfortable stand I have ever been in.

For someone that does not like heights this was the stand for me. Since I have a SUV the Bullet is great for packing.

The only draw back is the foot strap which I hate bending over for, but if you have a VIPER you have a new item just for you the NEW RAPIDCLIMB STIRRUPS.

For more information or call 1-256-353-0634.

No. 7 is the TURKEY MOUNTING KITS by KING DIMENSIONS make your trophy look great and just wish they had it in a wing mount. But will do all my turkey in the future this way.

You decide if they look good or not. For more information or call 1-715-877-2848.

No. 8 will be more me and my boy to hunt turkey out of and that will be IMPORT 5 BLIND by DOUBLE BULL ARCHERY sets up and should be plenty of room for me and my son this year. Just have to get it bought before turkey season hits.

Seemed very rugged, easy to set up and I like the 8 shooting ports.

For more information or call 1-888-464-0409.

No. 9 is the VIDEO HUNTER CAMCORDER BOW MOUNT by INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS. Has a quick release, and the best thing is the pistol grip design which should making filming a lot easier.

First time I have seen this and will have to try it out next year. For more information check out or 1-800-484-1508

No. 10 are the AR – ARCHERY RESEARCH BOW, I will be finally shopping for a new bow and what draws me to this bow are some of the comments of other bow user that are switching to a bow knows as the most forgiving short axle-to-axle bow on the market.

Now I have not shot this bow so I can only go by others. Of all the bows on the market for some reason I am drawn to the bow. I put this in my top three bows to decide on. HOYT and MATTHEWS being the other’s to choose from.

But to each is own, so you will have to decide. For more information or 1-520-884-9065.

Well that is my top ten list of products to look at. Not to leave out the other but you can see how long this would get.

Hope to see you in the woods or on the water. Horntagger
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nice review....thanks...
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