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need help sniffing fairy's dust

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need help sniffing fairy's dust

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Default need help sniffing fairy's dust

Ok, I cant stand the guy. His voice cut my soul every seconds that I watch his video. But under all that arrogant condesensing smug exterior, he make a strong argument backed by facts/experience/example. So I'm going to give it a try with some spare arrows, not buying any more arrows due to wife knowing how many arrows I already have.

Mathew Creed at 63lbs and 27DL

Carbon Express Mayhem Hunter DS 350 Spine currently at 32in 9.8GPI no insert

G5 Montec 100gr

So what would be the best way to make an 'adult' arrow?
What inserts systems should I get, how long should I cut arrow?
Can I stay with 100gr boardheads or is it better to go 125, 150, 200?

Would I be able to feel any difference practicing with heavier arrows? I am expecting slower speed and more trajectory due to lost of speed. But what else can I expect? Or is the only noticable different would be in actual hunting scenario?

Example of your arrow built is welcome.
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Not sure what you're considering and "adult" arrow. If its from who I think you're talking about that person is nothing but a braggard. The first thing you will need to find out is your velocity in fps and the total weight of your arrow. The formula for calculating your kenetic energy is KE=(mv²)/450,240, where m=arrow weight in grains and v=velocity in fps. Recommended KE for game is as follows: Medium Game (Deer, Antelope) 25-41 ft.lbs., Large Game (Elk, Black Bear, Boar) 42-65 ft.lbs., Big Game (Cape Buffalo, Grizzly Bear) 65 ft.lbs.

Here's an example: I shoot a Mathews Chill @ 63# using a 420 gr arrow at 295 fps. So: (420)(295x295)) /450240 = 420 x 87025 / 450240 =36550500/450240 = 81.18 ft lb KE
Now according to this formula that is enough for just about anything. However there is another factor to consider and that is momentum. This is needed when hunting and shooting at heavy, thick bodies animals like the big bears to get sufficient penetration. With my set up I had no problem shooting and getting complete pass throughs on the two bison I shot.Whitetails, even if I it the shoulder blade I get a pass through. And for deer I shoot 100 grain 2 blade Rage Hypodermic heads. On my 2 bison I used 100 grain Magnus Stingers.
But to say you need super heavy arrows for most North American game is simply not correct. All you're doing is cutting down your speed (about 1 fps per 5 grains) and having a greater arc in your arrows trajectory making range estimates critical for accurate shots.
I'm not sure what you're going for here but any arrow 400 grains or more with a velocity of 280 fps or more you have enough to kill anything in NA. What you need is a happy medium of speed and momentum.
Keep in mind that it depends on where you're hunting. Are you hunting the woods for whitetail or the prairie for antelope. In the woods where shots are <40 yards it won't make a difference. If you're in open country where your shots may be 50+ yards then I'd lean toward the speed side of the scale.

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