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G5 Striker- My Take. What's Yours?

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G5 Striker- My Take. What's Yours?

Old 10-06-2013, 02:22 AM
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Default G5 Striker- My Take. What's Yours?

What's anyone's thought's on the G5 Striker broadheads? My buddy purchased a pack to try we opened them up and he shot them around 20 shots and than wanted me to see how they shot from my bow so I shot 9 shots from 2 of my bows and must say the design of the broadhead is very unimpressive. It has no blade retention system in my eyes the sleeve on the back with the tiny band underneath slide right off the shaft without excessive pressure. How hard would it have been to put a small slit at the bottom of the blade with a snap ring on the ferrule that it could lock into. I tried numerous other tricks that worked in the past washer o-rings and a little design I made myself years ago for Thunderheads. The only way to get the blades to stay in place is screwing it into the arrow and while that works and may be good enough for some I believe they should have designed something to hold the blades in place without it having to constantly be screwed into the arrow shaft. The broadhead seemed very flimsy all around to me the blades appeared very thin like 1 shot even into a target and you would snap a blade or have the edge curl under. It isn't that hard to make the blades a little thicker and more resilient. I understand the concept of a short compact broadhead to help avoid planing issues but the cutting diameter is stated as 1 3/16" but sure didn't appear that it appeared to be 1" at most. The only thing I did like was the chisel tip isn't a screw on like muzzy and different other fixed blade broadheads it is machined directly into the ferrule. I didn't get to check what kind of material the ferrule is made out of though but judging by the way the rest of the broadhead is designed I wouldn't be surprised if it's made out of a cheap low quality aluminum. All in all I have handled and shot a Vast array of broadheads testing them on targets than if I was pleased they harvested deer. I can say the G5 Striker ranks right there with the Puckett Blood trailers to me and anyone who archery hunts and knows anything about broadheads knows how much of a POS they are. The G5 Montec is a good quality head and the T3 I have not shot yet but know numerous people who use them and I've heard nothing but praise for them. G5 missed they're mark though with the Striker. If I was them I would be ashamed to even have my reputable name associated with such junk. I am sure they kill deer, but I have also watched old Savora with 7/8" cut cleanly dispatch game as well as Walmart blue light specials the Allen 3 blade broadheads that cost $10 for a 3 pack. You can kill a deer with a field tip if it's in the right location. My thoughts on it though are if I have $1100 invested in my bow and accessories and another $85 in my arrows along with the other added expenses I want a good quality broadhead that when I release that arrow I have the utmost confidence it is going to do it's job with no doubt. I want something that doesn't plane doesn't whistle which these had a whistle that was substantial is well constructed both ferrule & blades of good quality and thickness and quality blade retention system. Many broadheads on today's market are more than capable of doing that everytime. The broadhead market has came a long way with many great designs but the G5 Striker does not fit any of the criteria that I find necessary. I am sure many guys on here use the head and have had success with it, but the design to me just does not appear to be up to Par with most of the other heads on the market. What are anyone else's opinion on the G5 striker. I think with a blade retention system integrated into the ferrule and the ferrule slightly lengthened a little bit which would allow for the blades to be a little longer so they are not at such a severe angle the blades could be made a little thicker and a slight increase in the cutting diameter and I think the head could than be something G5 could be proud of. The one Plus I will say about the head is I was impressed with the sharpness right out of the package. They were extremely I was able to shave with them right out of the package. Very few broadheads are that sharp right out of the package anymore and usually require a few strokes on my sharpener till they are shaving sharp. I do not intend this to be a giant bashing session on G5 as I do believe that the Montec and the T3 are great broadheads I currently am not shooting them this season but I have both of them available to me in my toolbox of broadheads and would not be in the least bit afraid to use either with the utmost confidence. The Striker just doesn't seem to meet the reputation G5 has as a quality product imo. What is the thoughts of my fellow hunters on the G5 Strikers??
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Old 10-14-2013, 01:46 AM
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Hookeye I don't know why you bashed the thread starter with his format. IMO that was uncalled for. And as an engineer you should know that one experience is insufficient to base an opinion. I have a similar thread on the well touted Rage BHs. They performed for me this year. But with my set up I expected more. I've been bow hunting over 45 years so I am also not clueless as you put it. And my opinion is that a good fixed blade BH will kill just as humanely as any mechanical without worry as if it will function properly.
I will continue to use my Rages on deer because I have them. But unless I get better results I will not use them on anything larger but will use a fixed blade Slick Trick Viper Trick.
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