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Trophy ridge review- from a beginner >

Trophy ridge review- from a beginner

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Trophy ridge review- from a beginner

Old 09-11-2013, 06:23 PM
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Default Trophy ridge review- from a beginner

Trophy ridge react sight
So I will attempt to give a review on my new sight the trophy ridge react 5 pin sight.

As many of you know I am new to both hunting and even newer to bow hunting but I am very impressed overall with the sight. Initially out of the box the construction of the sight seemed light and strong. The light switch is ok but wish it had a better way of turning it off as opposed to the rotating knob that can spin endlessly going from dim to bright to off ect. When the light is on it illuminates the pins very well but does not seem to interfere with ypur overall vision. The pins themselves collect a ton of light and work very well.

As a beginner i found the setup,install and sighting in was very easy. With multiple spots to mount the sight i was able to make a better fit for my needs. The level is clear and easy to see without being distracting.

To set the 20 yrd pin you have both a vertical amd horizontal axis to adjust and sight in. After that and tightening down those two tooless set screws i went on to sight in my 30 yrd pin. For the more experienced and better shooter you may want to sight in one of the farther pins instead of the 30 yrd. After a few miniets i had my 30 and 20 sighted in and was already shooting tighter more consistant groups than I was earlier. The smart pins seem to work like they are advertised.

Now i am not a perfect shot but i have significantly increased my accuract now shoiting 2-3" groups at 20 and 30 yrds. I think after more practice I will resight in my 20 yrd pin then the 40 yrd instead of the 30 yrd. Reason being i did notice as i stepped back past 30 the groups though consistant were moving away from the center. I read that if you sight in the 20 yrd pin then your farthest comfortable didtance the lesser distances will be more accurate, if that makes any sense. I do see the need to re sight in the sight for any significant change such as arrow, grains, broadhead, ect. But after only sighting in two pins you will confidentlt have 5 pins sighted in.

Tale this review as you want because I am new but being new i am pretty unbiased towards By any particular company or design.
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Old 09-12-2013, 11:49 AM
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When you say the groups shot at the farther distance were moving farther from center did you mean the center of the group was still in the approximate center or that the groups moved left or right?
If its the latter, then your bow is not exactly verticle when you are shooting which will cause the arrows to go left or right of your aiming point depending on the bow cant direction. If the group's center is still around your aiming point then all you need is more practice to tighten up your groups.
I just saw an interesting tip from Rany Ulmer last night. He said that you should be sure that your string does not come in contact with your face because if it is inconsistant then your accuracy will suffer. He also stated that you should have 'comfortable' form as long as it is consistant and not necessarily good form.
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Sorry I did not explain wht I was thinking so well. At 20 yrds center of my groups were just on the edge of the 2 inch bullseye. At 30yrds it was about 2inches away from the edge. When i stepped back to 40 yrds the center of the group was about 4 inches from the edge. The grouping was consistant but as i stepped farther back that small difference at 20 yrds increased as i got farther back. If and when I am able to comfortably shoot good groups at 40 yrds i will sight in my 20 yrd and 40 yrd pin. Theoretically( spelled wrong) the pins between your 20 and what ever other pin you sight in should be more accurate. So if you are comfortable at 50 yrds and you sight in your 20 and 60 then your 40&50 pin should be more accurate rather than you sighting in your 20 and 30.
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