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2008 Diamond Marquis - My new bow!

Old 03-19-2008, 08:53 PM
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Default 2008 Diamond Marquis - My new bow!

I am brand new to the sport of archery. Like so many people have said on this forum, and everybody I've asked in general, I went and shot as many bows as I could get my hands on while I was bow shopping. I really fell in love with the Diamond Marquis... so here it is!

It came set up with a Trophy Ridge Matrix sight, Hostage rest, Sims S-coil stabilizer, 6 Beman ICS Hunters, quiver, dampeners, sling, case, release... the works! So, as if that wasn't enough, I went out and bought a Tru-fire Hurricane release which folds under the wrist when it's not in use (plus it has a buckle which doesn't dig into my wrist like the velcro strap on the Patriot release which came with the set) and I bought the Spot-Hogg Whammy.

Here's what it does!
(all three arrow shafts are touching!!!)

I've had this bow for the entire extent of my archery career...I've only had this bow for 8 days. So far I am totally satisfied! This bow does exactly what it's supposed to: shoot where I point it... fast and quiet! The bow is a dream to shoot. The only thing that indicates that the arrow has been fired is the sound of the arrow hitting the target. I've been told that the string "slaps" the suppressor, making a noise, but I can't hear it over the sound of the arrow striking a target 20 yards away. Either my ear isn't trained, or they might have had their stop set in the wrong place. When I shot this bow along side others while I was bow shopping, it was the smoothest and quietest, with virtually zero shock. The only other bow I shot that was close was the Black Ice. The bows I shot it against were Martin's line, Bear's line, PSE's line (no X-force), and Parker's line, in addition to the rest of the Diamond bows. I shot at BassPro, and I don't believe they had Matthews, Hoyt, or Bowtech bows.

The first day I had the bow, it was set at 65 lbs and 29" draw. I went to a proshop with an indoor range to try it out and immediately the owner (a distinguished archer in MA) noticed that I wasn't set up properly. I got my drawlength shortened up a tad and my release shortened, plus a few pointers on form and ta-da! I was grouping my arrows so tightly at 20 yards that I damaged the fletching on the arrows I was shooting! Keep in mind, this was the first day I had owned a bow! The point is this: I had a professionally set up Marquis, and it shot consistently, fast, and quiet.

I shot for at least 2 hours each day except Sunday and Monday. The bow is light enough that I, new to the sport and unused to pulling a bow, could shoot for an extended period of time day after day. The draw is smooth enough that I can pull it again and again and again! I won't pretend that I don't start to get a bit tired after shooting for an hour, but I love shooting this bow so much that I can't bear to put it down! The back wall is solid, and it helps me keep a consistent anchor point. I am really impressed by how steady the bow feels in my hands when I'm trying to aim. I still have to think about lining up my peep, sight ring, etc, so I take some time aiming still, but the bow is so steady, that once I get everything lined up, it is really easy to move the pin onto the target and let it rip! I guess the riser on the marquis is fairly long, and the mass distribution helps. There is a bubble level on my sight, and when I grip my bow correctly, it is always level, which I find really nice... the bow seems to naturally line itself up in my hands! Today I cranked the weight up to 70 (or whatever it is maxed out) and the draw felt easier... don't ask me why, but it might have something to do with better efficiency at the maximum draw weight? That or I'm developing strength in my "archery muscles" I never would have expected to be able to shoot any bow so well starting out!

If you are in the market for a new bow, YOU HAVE TO TRY THE DIAMOND MARQUIS, otherwise you are doing yourself a serious disservice. It is a fantastic bow. The bow sells for about $699 bare bow. I realize this is a bit more expensive than the average bow, but for a single cam bow, this bow rivals the best of them. I can't imagine the $900+ Matthews bows could possibly be so much better to warrant the extra 40% or so price markup, but hey, I didn't shoot those and I am far from an expert. If you are looking for a dual cam bow, then the Diamond line is not for you, but if the BowTechs are as good as the Diamonds (they should be, they make the Diamonds!) then I wouldn't over look the BowTech line... I hear the General is even quieter than the Marquis, but I won't believe it until I hear it myself (or don't hear it... since there isn't much to hear from the Marquis!) I got my setup online for only 850 which is what I would have expected to pay for a bare bow in the 500 something dollar range. I honestly believe I got the best bow for me, so go shoot one and see how it fits you! And before you say it's too expensive, remember that God gave you and extra kidney, lung, and more liver than really necessary for a reason!

Hopefully this helps you out if you are thinking about a new bow this year. If you are interested in a Marquis, I'll do my best to answer any questions, but like I said, I'm no expert on archery overall!! Happy shooting!
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Default RE: 2008 Diamond Marquis - My new bow!

Walleye King

Welcome to the world of Bowtech & Diamond,glad you shot a bunch of different bows,now it won't be in the back of your mind that you should have tried this bow and that make. It's so unreal that with the technology of the high tech bows now a days that we as archers can actually go home in the same day and feel good about what you' had just accomplished at the archery lanes. When I started,just 15 years ago ,It took me 2 weeks of shooting good enough that the pro from the shop said that I had shot the magic number 270 out of300. That was what he made me shoot before I could actually go out and start hunting. I'm sure afterprobably 3 days shooting you'll be able to accomplish this feat. Good luck and enjoy your new friend,you made a great choice.[8D]

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Old 03-20-2008, 10:34 AM
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Default RE: 2008 Diamond Marquis - My new bow!

Congratulations on the Marquis! I love mine!!
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Default RE: 2008 Diamond Marquis - My new bow!

The Diamond Marquis is one Sweet Bow. Enjoy!!

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Default RE: 2008 Diamond Marquis - My new bow!

Congrats! I love my Marquis. It is my second Diamond and likely won't be my last!
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Default RE: 2008 Diamond Marquis - My new bow!

Better get yourself a couple dozen more arrows: you'll be splitting them in half, regularly, at this rate.

I've been shooting for... well, as the really old geezers say, probably "since before you were even a twinkle in your mama's eye". My Marquis is the nicest bow I've owned.

Big tip: buy a Limb Driver. Don't ask, just do it! Return, or sell, the Whammy: yes, the Limb Driver is that much nicer.

Also, you'll want to find a source for replacement rubbers for the ShortStop: they don't seem to last much more than 600 or so shots. That's only 2 weeks worth of shooting for me.
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Default RE: 2008 Diamond Marquis - My new bow!

Awesome write up and its good to see we have another archer to add to our world. also its awesome that you got to shoot a lineup of bows and pick the best one for you. i shoot a hoyt now and its time for a new one. im shooting the general and the hoyt katera tomorrow. the dxt was amazing. i should know whats best for me tomorrow though and i hope i am satisfied as you are. hell, i hope im shooting as well as you in two weeks and ive been shooting since i was 11. good luck and awesome buy.
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Default RE: 2008 Diamond Marquis - My new bow!

Congrats on the new bow and the good shooting. I think the Marquis is a great bow. I had considered it when looking for a new bow but just today ordered a new Allegiance instead. All of the Diamonds and Bowtechs are very nice bows indeed.
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Default RE: 2008 Diamond Marquis - My new bow!

Congratulations on the Marquis, if I were a bit taller and stuff that would've been my choice a couple of months ago when I bought my bow. I was also hung up on the Allegiance but chose the one that felt best to me, obviously the Black Ice. I'm sort of loyal to Bowtech for the time being. My huntin' buddy owns a Matthews Drenalin boasts about how great it is so I wanted something just a little different. They're both great bows but for the price we sure didn't go wrong. Congratulations on a very wise decision.
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Default RE: 2008 Diamond Marquis - My new bow!

I stopped at Gander Mountain the other day to check out the Marquis. It is a beautiful bow, very comfortable in my hands and light. I didnt get a chance to draw it since they keep all the bows sinched tight so no one can draw and dry fire them. The only thing i didnt like was the price, i would love to have one of the new Bowtech 101st airbornes but that 700 + price tag is a real turnoff. I always thought that Diamond was Bowtech economy line of bows, same material, cheapier prices, but damn it was 700 for the Marquis too. I may as well go ahead and get the Bowtech for the same price.


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Quick Reply: 2008 Diamond Marquis - My new bow!

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