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Duckbutter48 10-24-2007 07:18 PM

RE: '08 Bows Truth2, Diamond Marquis, Bowtech General


Mainly I am concentrated on vibration and shock free.
I've said it many times: Our biggest miss as a company last year was when we took our travelling shooting booth around to all the shows, letting customers shoot any bow in the lineup last year... When people shot the Guardian for the first time, we should have had video rolling. After editing out all the expletives, it would have made the best commercial we could have run. The Guardian simply blew away expectations for how shock- and vibration-free a bow could be and still deliver very decent speeds.

Having said that, ALL reports coming in so far say that the General is even MORE shock free and vibration free than the Guardian. It's gonna be one heck of a bow, and one I'd highly suggest you take for a test run.
Greg Im not arguin the Guardian is a top of the line bow or not but wanted to share this with you. I recently went into a local Bowtech dealer and asked about the Guardian and the guy running the place just shook his head and told me it would be a waste of time to shoot that bow. He let me shoot a Tribute and Allegiance and a few other brands but he didnt think much of the Guardians and bascially talked me out of it before I had a chance to try one out. He had about 8 of these bows on the rack and only 1 or 2 of any of the other Bowtech's.

Seems a bit odd you'd have that much good feedback on your truck and this shop owner seemed like it wasnt even worth shooting.

Is there a schedule your for truck so someone can go check it out if its in thier part of the country??

(It was not the gentlemen from Hedgesville who posted above)

PABowhntr 10-25-2007 08:40 AM

RE: '08 Bows Truth2, Diamond Marquis, Bowtech General
Here you go:

However, it appears that it has not been updated after this upcoming week at Las Vegas. I am guessing it will be updated shortly.

Grasshopper13 10-25-2007 04:19 PM

RE: '08 Bows Truth2, Diamond Marquis, Bowtech General
Hey Duckbutter,

I wonder if the reason he tried to steer you away from the guardian was because it's last year's bow. I have an '06 tribute and have shot the Guardian as well.....honestly, I wasn't nearly as impressed with the Guardian as I was when I shot the Marquis this year. I absolutely loved the feel of the Marquis's grip. I can't afford to trade bows every year, but to be honest, my Tribute has done very well. When I finally do upgrade, the tribute will stay with me as a back up, no doubt.


jm13690 10-25-2007 06:34 PM

RE: '08 Bows Truth2, Diamond Marquis, Bowtech General
What should I do? I finally shot the Bowtech General and loved it, no Diamond Marquis around to try. I am definately leaning towards either the Bowtech General or the Diamond Marquis. The problem is the shop near me just charges to much. The Bowtech General goes for $830 (And all the posts I read they are going for $750) and they sell the Diamond Marquis for $750 (Prior to hearing that price the largest I had heard was $699 for it.) I want to get one of those bows, but then my own general principles are keeping me from paying that much at the shop. The problem is the next shop is over 50 miles away. There is a archery shop near me where the sales people great, but they do not carry the Bowtech/Diamond lines. The shop carries Hoyt and Matthews though. I feel thoseHoyt and Matthewsgot caught up on their own name andthat their quality vs price is not as nice as it use to be. Do Ifold on my principles and pay the higher price?Wait out and hope they drop the price?When I factor in the distance for a different shop and the price gas is, I think the bow would end up being more but my principles will be intact. What all do you think I should do? The General and Marquis both seem to be great bows.

general327 10-25-2007 10:07 PM

RE: '08 Bows Truth2, Diamond Marquis, Bowtech General
Well Brother, in the end only you can decide what you should do, but I know that if it were me, and the shop that is 50 miles away is selling them for the correct price, I would be on my way there right now. True with gas and all that you might end up paying the same money all told, but atleast you will know that you received a fair price, and you didn't have to go against what you believe. Why should you reward the shop near you for trying to stick it to you? Plus for $830 at an honest shop you can get a new General in a custom camo to boot.

berendan 10-26-2007 02:53 AM

RE: '08 Bows Truth2, Diamond Marquis, Bowtech General
firstly im in australia so i havn't had a chance to shoot any of the 08 bowtechs yet. i am however sold on both the centre pivot and also the cam stopper that is on the 07 allegiance and constitution and now i see that the general has both. however the shortness is kind of a problem (im currently shooting an 06-07 martin sabre at 33 1/4 in a-a and don't know if i wanna go any shorter.) does anybody know if the 08 guardian or commander have the cam stopper. plus im also deciding about the new roller guard on the general. does it present any fletching problems.
apologies for all the questions but i am scratching to upgrade my bow and want to know what im getting.

PABuck_HNTR 10-26-2007 06:11 AM

RE: '08 Bows Truth2, Diamond Marquis, Bowtech General
I got to see the new Diamond Marquis last night at the shop. It wasn't set up to shoot yet but on the draw that bow just sits in the hand like no other bow I've handled. It pretty smooth to draw as well. I thought I was settled on a new General until I held that baby. It's nice and light too. I'll still have to shoot the bows first, but over the Hoyt Katera it's the Diamond that Hoyt I wasn't impressed with at all. Hoyts are still so darn heavy. And I like Hoyt's so don't think I'm bashing.

Greg / MO 10-26-2007 07:57 AM

RE: '08 Bows Truth2, Diamond Marquis, Bowtech General

Sorry I'm so late in responding; I hadn't checked back in to this thread in quite some time...

Wow! Yeah, the guy at that shop has definitely missed the boat, to say the least!! Not only my experiences confirm it, but literally THOUSANDS of posts across the bowhunting forums confirm it; it is (was, until the release of the General) absolutely the quietest, most shock-free, and least vibration-felt-during-the-shot hunting bow out there. Archery Talk even published the most comprehensiveindependent study performed (including decibel-meter readings) last year with ALL the new bows, and the Guardian walked away with top honors.

It still might not be the bow for you after you take it for a test drive, but to not want one of your customers to shoot it not only smacks of foolishness and stupidity, its replete with irresponsibility.

PABowhntr 10-26-2007 08:06 AM

RE: '08 Bows Truth2, Diamond Marquis, Bowtech General

What all do you think I should do? The General and Marquis both seem to be great bows.
They is the new "the Rock" that I just received yesterday. Talk about an excellent shooter for $400.

What I think you should do is talk to the shop that is selling both bows at the prices you mentioned. See if they will work with you on price. Sometimes prices include free range time, a tuneup, etc.. If you forfeit those extras then the price drops. Just something to think about.

plus im also deciding about the new roller guard on the general. does it present any fletching problems.
No, it sits far enough above the arrow as to not present any problems with fletching. The only issue is might present some problems for is a kisser button. I do not shoot with one so I cannot comment personally. I will say this though...I am quite impressed with the new cable guard/string suppressor design to think that it should be offered on more of their bows for '09.

thwackkkk 10-26-2007 10:22 AM

RE: '08 Bows Truth2, Diamond Marquis, Bowtech General
Hey guys, had to register to get in on this talk about the new Marquis. I'm in the Lehigh Valley area of NE PA, and I see there are a lot of other guys in here from the area talking $650 for the Marquis, I was wondering where you can get it for $650? I was in Weaknecht's yesterday to check it out, he told me $700 over the phone, and $680 ifI equipped it there. He said he technically "can't" sell it for less than that due to something or other with Diamond.Is he feedin me a line? Any help you guys could give me would really be appreciated.

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