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Default RE: FOB's

anyone have a pic or link?
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Default RE: FOB's

I'm new here and figured my first post should be something I know a lot about.I found out about FOB's on another forum and it started out much the same as this on, pops off, hard to find arrows yada yada yada. I got some to try and did some tests.
The first question I can answer is the link to Starrflight inc.

The FOB's are no joke, they work very well. The inventer is a real life rocket scientist who also has hunted elk for over 25 years. The design has it's drawbacks, trade offs and its advantages.
My first tests included fletching up arrows to test against. 2 arrows each of 2" Blazers, 2" Quick Spins and 2.25" Quick Spins. Right off the bat, the FOB's are far ahead of the vanes, the FOB's can be installed in 2 seconds with your eyes closed, no glue, no jig, no broad head tuning. On the scales, FOB's were with in .1 grain of each other. The QS and Blazer vanes were lucky to be with in .3 grain of each other and could have as much as 3 grains difference between sets of 3. Add glue and I'm embarraced to say how different each arrow weight could be when I started out with all bare shafts exactly the same.
This showed up on the chrony right off the bow. The FOB's were easy to make arrows weigh exactly the same with the same balance and were with in .3 fps of each other ever shot, time after time. The vaned arrows had as much as 8 fps differences in speed, all speeds were right off the bow. Ever play with a chroney and wonder why you get such varried speeds from one arrow to the next? Weigh your arrows and you will find a lot of the speed differences corresponds with arrow weight, and how neatly your glue job is. When calculating arrow KE, the FOB's again were more consistant and left the bow with at least 1ft/lbs of KE more than the closest 2.25" QS vane. Starrflight doesn't claim more KE at the bow, they claim more KE down range but already my tests have them 1 up on the best flying vanes.
down range, the FOB's blow away vanes. If you add wind, it's like comparing a new compound bow to a long bow.
First the FOB stabilizes the arrow faster but uses less rpms to do it. Faster stabilization, more down range KE is held. Less spin, less energy waisted. Add wind and a vaned arrow will turn, actually fly crooked and loose even more energy. The bigger the vane profile, the more wind drift. With an FOB, the arrow flies much straighter with minimal wind drift.
The FOB turns slower but turns with much more torque than vanes. The higher torque makes broad heads fly better. So much better one of the testimonials took a bent 175 grain Zwikey BH and was grouping arrows at 60 yards and a 30 mph crosswind. Don't quote me, it's been over a month since I read it , read it youself on the Starrflight web page. I tried A bent up Thunderhead and it grouped with in an inch of good Thunderhead with no effect with 10-15 mph crosswind. The same bent Thunderhead with 2" QS and Blazer vanes were not even hitting the target at 30 yards.
Now before you deside you want to be able to shoot arrows that fly more consistantly, carry more down range energy and only takes 2 seconds to install and tune to broad heads, I did find a down side of the FOB's. I had A Trophy Ridge Guide Series rest. Not A cheap rest by any means. It worked fairly well but was having issues with the rest lanyard. Took it to my bow tech, he lowered the lanyard on the buss cable and didn't quite have the rest set up to drop fast enough. This wouldn't hurt much with vanes, just would need an adjustment. When I shot the FOB it hit the drop arm and pretty much rendered the rest useless. Drop Zone did warranty the rest but I now have a DMI Expert II. I do not think that a hit from an FOB will hurt the DMI rest but being 1 week prior to my season I'm not going to risk blowing up this rest using FOB's, I barely have enough time to tune this rest with vanes and get sighted back in. They'll have to wait til at least late bow season but you can bet I'll be testing them more and using them by the 2008 season.
Other draw backs are with short bows, you may have issues with the FOB hitting the string top and bottom at full draw. Easy fix, tie the loop wider. (Something I would have to do before trying the FOB again. The other draw back I've heard others say that the FOB touches there chin and flies funny when it does. The FOB for Axis arrows are the same diameter as the 2.25" Quick Spins vanes and much smaller diameter than 2" vanes but instead of 1 inch in front of the nock, the FOB is right under the nock. For this problem you may have to change your nocking point or maybe move your peep sight to gain clearance at full draw. I put my nose on my string and don't seem to have that problem.
The last thing is a trade off. The FOB poping off to mark the point of impact. Not something I'd call an advantage except when shooting at targets and not having to refletch if my arrow goes through. Breaking FOB's by shooting at them is a dumb reason not to use them. Get 1" sticker dots and save your arrows by only shooting 1 arrow at each dot. My back yard is full of vanes I've cut off, FOB's will be even more accurate, you'd best expect to hit the same spot every time, don't risk it.

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Default RE: FOB's

Wack, for one thing, I did not state I was shooting "at" the FOB's.All I did was state my opinion, like so many others, concerning this particular product. To someone else they may be the greatest thing since sliced bread, but they were not to me. I personally do not really like to shoot at single spots all over the target, just to avoid damaging my hard plastic fletching. Obviously you don't mind this, more power to you. You stated that someones rationaleis "dumb" because they don't like to do something the way you like to do it, actually speaks much more to your inferior intellect. But maybe back in North Korea or Cuba, where you must have previously come from, you were able to just gun down people thatsee things differently than you do. Why don't you just state that you like them and why, and leave it at that. Gets a little tiresome reading threads from people that think they know it all, and anyone that feels differently from them is obviously incorrect, or just dumb. Someone can go to the actual website, and get all the same marketing hype that you just put out, and judge for themselves. I am really hoping that being able to shoot more accurately at 100 yards (as demonstrated on the Starrflight website), out in the wide open spaces, really benefits some people.Its neat techy stuff, but not necessarily that significant to me. Sorry I was so brash to state my opinion, I should have known my place. Did not realize I was in the presence of your almighty eminence.
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Default RE: FOB's

If I shoot 2 arrows at the same spot, I expect to hit that same spot. No matter what you use, vanes or FOB, hitting the same spot means damaging arrows, vanes, FOB's. If you don't want to damage your vanes FOB's or arrows, don't shoot one at another. If that kind of accuracy only hurts FOB's and you are not damaging vanes doing so, then you are not being very accurate with vanes. So either FOB's are more accurate, which is a dumb reason for not using them, or, if you are as accurate and are damaging vanes and arrows, it's dumb to continue to shoot 2 vaned arrows at the same spot. In no way would I judge you or anyone to be dumb because od one idea that I consider dumb. It' is just 1 idea. For you to take such offense, and call me a communist because I disagree with your 1 idea ,"actually speaks much more to your inferior intellect." I'm as American as American's get, and would fight to the death to defend your right to disagree with me and speak your mind. I've raised my children to be the same way and my youngest daughter is a pround member of the United States Army National Gaurd. I take great offense being accused of being communist born, Follower , you owe me an apology!
If you noticed, I mentioned that I would not be using FOB's this year. Follower brought up a very intellegent point, FOB's are not made for every drop away rest. I made a dumb choice that Follower did not. I tried FOB's too close to season, the FOB destroyed my rest and I'm tuning a new rest 1 week prior to my season. I do not recomend FOB's for every one and certainly don't recomend trying them just before season. I, like Follower, will be using vanes this hunting season because they are prooven. It will take a little more time before FOB's are prooven enough for me to take hunting. It's not worth the risk oF blowing up a rest this time of year. The benefits of the FOB does deserve more testing, with the right rest they have great potential. I feel pretty stupid blowing up my rest 1 month prior to season but that don't make me a communist and I do not think there is any "hype" about blowing up your rest on the Starrflight web sight. I believe I wrote about both, what I liked and what I disliked, even wrote what I believed to be a trade off rather than an advantage which contradicts the "hype on the website." So my grandfather, bless his soul, is right again when he told me" be carefull when pointing your finger at someone else because when doing so you're pointing 3 of your own fingers back at yourself."

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Default RE: FOB's

Hi there I was wondering if you still have the FOB's for sale I was wanting to give them a try .
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Default RE: FOB's

Thanks for taking the time to write a good post wack, very informative.

Follower, relax man he didn't call you dumb, he said the idea of not shooting them because they were more accurate and caused groups to be tight enough to damage other arrows was dumb. People that shoot tight groups and don't like destroying shafts and fletchings or FOB's know the simple solution to the problem is not to shoot at the same spot.
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Default RE: FOB's

sound bad to me
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Default RE: FOB's

I read all the hype on Archertalk and the FOB website so I figured I'd try them. I'll have to admit, there are alot of advantages, but some disadvantages as well.

They flew great, especially with big fixed blade broadheads. Even better than Blazers.
Better performance in cross-winds.
No messy glue. No more refletching
Very Simple
Passthroughs on worn targets don't ruin your vanes
The FOB provides an additional anchor point on your chin. It's basically like a kisser button without the weight on your string.
They force you to address clearance issues with your dropaway rest.

They made a hissing noise in flight. It wasn't bad, but definitely noticeable and louder than Blazers.
Frickin' ugly. But they grow on you after a while.
Your 3d partners will love ruining your arrows.
You need to use a light colored arrow wrap to find your arrow after a passthrough (not a big deal)
If your dropaway rest isn't tuned perfectly, you'll hate them. But I view this as a good thing because it's easy to identify clearance issues that you maybe didn't even know you had with vanes.

I might use them next year instead of re-fletching. I just wish they were quieter during flight.
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Default RE: FOB's

I don't think the FOB's aren't any louder than the Quik Spin vanes. Not sure if I believe it but Paul, the inventor of the FOB's claims that the FOB's do make noise but that the noise is dirrected toward the shooter and not the target.
Kind of difficult to prove or disprove this claim, but I don't think it's enough noise to worry about. I pretty much agree with everything qzq38b says.
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Default RE: FOB's

My brother and I are using FOBs this year and we both are having good results with them. As far as the "hissing" noise you hear when shooting them. If you stand off to the side, they are no different than an arrow with blazers, we did a comparison. The noise is coming from the rear of the arrow. You cannot shoot at the same spot or you will ruin them, but I can live with that.
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Quick Reply: FOB's

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