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Bradkoz 12-17-2006 08:19 PM

Diamond bows "cable slide"
i went out to shoot my bow the other day for late archery season thats coming up and my fletching was touching my cables when i put it on the string. my cable guard slide cracked straight down the back side and slide off the bar. they use the same slide on all the bows i think so be careful. went to wal mart that day and got two teflon slide for $1 so it wasnt a big deal but if i went out hunting and then saw that id be pissed. my bow was just hanging on my rack when this happend so it must be weak. just thought id let everyone know to look out for this potential problem.

KodiakArcher 12-18-2006 11:00 AM

RE: Diamond bows "cable slide"
Cable slides are the weak link on most bows; everyone should carry a spare in with their hunting gear.

OhioHunter222 12-19-2006 05:31 AM

RE: Diamond bows "cable slide"
my dads bowtech tomkat also had his cable slide bust on him, he pulled his bow back and seen the cables in his peep sight, finally i noticed what was wrong and we took it and got it fixed free. but cable slides arent expensive so just keep an extra in you pack like already said.

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