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are PSE a good bow

Old 01-01-2006, 07:10 PM
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Default RE: are PSE a good bow

I could kill a deer with a homemade sling shot and a rock. Don't buy into all the "get the best bow" hype. I am new to bow hunting but its alot like guns. It isn't so much the bow and all the other things you buy to put on it, but its more so the shooter. I have a PSE Nova because it was in my price range. I practice shooting the eyes of my 3d target and have no problem with hitting them. Today I was shooting at some old eggs we had in the fridge and had no problem hitting them. I missed a few butbecause the wind was blowing quite a bit. Even if I get great with a bow, I am still prolly going to get this as my main bow.

BTW, I've killed a squirrel with a sling shot but never a deer LOL. My point is, don't buy into the hype.
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Default RE: are PSE a good bow

I think that your first bow should be driven more from your pocket book than a lot of the other factors thrown out. Most companies have varying levels of bows. If it is not a financial burden then get the best you can (switchback, trykon, bowtech etc). If it is a factor then get the best you can afford. My personal experience when I started was that I could have bought more bow than I did but thought because I was new I should get a starter bow.........I was wrong.....when you figure it all out, you will probably want to upgrade within a year anyway, and most of the lower end (expense wise) bows don't have a good resale value......that all being said....Fred Bear smoked all kinds of big and small game with a stick bow..........good luck
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Default RE: are PSE a good bow

I love my PSE nova, I have had it 8 yrs. I shoot almost everyday, I have never once taken it in to the shop for a tune or anything I tweak it everyonce in a while my self, but thats it. I shot a 10pt buck with it yesterday morning in fact. All the brands make good bows, like these guys are saying you don't need some fancy bow to get the job done. As for speed, speed does not mean power or accuracy, the arrow just gets to whatever you are aiming at faster. It is more of a luxury than a necesity. As for resale my bow is my baby I would never sell it. The biggest thing for me is silence, this is the only reason I am in the market for new bow.
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Default RE: are PSE a good bow

Let's just say this P.S.E. has a great variety of bow's in any price range you can afford ,I'm sure if you do a little research into their bow's you'll find the one that suit's your price range and your need's .P.S.E. make's some good bow's and will definately take any animal that any other bow made by other manufacturer's .

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Default RE: are PSE a good bow

That is one thing that I dont hear much about on these. I hear a lot about the PSE Triton.... Are they quiet? I know the Bowtech TomKat's are supposed to be pretty quiet and so is the Diamond Victory that I was looking at... just didnt want that much of a pinch on my funds.......


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Default RE: are PSE a good bow

i like the PSE typhoon and if you are considering reflex check the excursion and buckskin alot of people shoot that excursion good and you can get a complete set up for 329 cant beat it
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Default RE: are PSE a good bow


Generally speaking, beginners ought to lean toward bows that have more stability and forgiveness. Look at the brace height. I think the average is around 7. The higher, the more stable and forgiving. In addition, the longer bows supposedly more stable too. But there is a trade off with every adjustment.

And bow manufacturers do a lot of stuff to squeeze out even just a few more fps. Most people think their arrows are flyin' at the speed advertised. That is almost NEVER the case. That is the best case scenerio using IBO standards which includes a 70# draw weight.

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Default RE: are PSE a good bow

Had a PSE Carrol Intruder for over 10 yrs(Still have it) and it never once failed me. I also won a number of 3D shoots with it. Now I have a Trykon... world of difference... including $$$. Like it was said before... depends on your budget. there's lots of PSE models so do your research... don't let a dealer push you into a bow that he just happens to have left over. Good luck.
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Default RE: are PSE a good bow

Don't forget about the Pearson lineup. They have some nice bows at reasonable prices.
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Default RE: are PSE a good bow

you can get a bow in about every price range from PSE. They do havesome of the best high end bows on the market. The Diablo and the Mach X. A/R's new bow is awsome. New single cam, no servings on the string by the idler cam. they said doing this gains 6fps. I just bought the Browning Illusion. you really cant go wrong w/ any bow of the PSE line.
good luck.
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