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Default Expandables

What do you use or recommend. Thank you. Using wasp sst right now and thinking of switching to jackhammers or other.
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Default RE: Expandables

I have always been a big fan of the Rocket lineup of heads. I tend to favor the Steelhead more than the others but have used the Sidewinder, Hammerhead and Naildriver in the past. All well designed and provide excellent bloodtrails.

I may try that G5 Tekan this fall though as well.
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Default RE: Expandables

Go with a spitfire pro series they are the toughest mech. on the market. they are expensive but worth there weight in gold for a mech.
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Default RE: Expandables

Another vote for the Rocket line up. The Steelheads have been amazing performers for me. If/when I want a slightly larger cut then the Sidewinders work extremely well. Personally I prefer to keep the cutting diameters smaller for maximum penetration. Take a serious look at the Rocket line up and you'll find a b-head that will fit your needs perfectly. Good luck and good shootin'
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Default RE: Expandables

I've tried quite a few different mechanical heads, but only for turkey hunting. I've never tried them on deer. This year I tried the Innerloc EXP and I absolutley loved it. Devastating is the only word I can think of for it. I tried it because I was tired of O-rings, which it doesn't use, and you can change the cutting diameter by flipping over the collar. If you want more penetration for deer, you can go from a 1 7/16 cut to a 1 1/8. I think WASP has a mechanical that does the same, but you still have to use O-rings. What else is nice about it for turkey hunting is that with the type of blade deployment system (clip-lock), if you are shooting through mesh on a turkey blind, you can click the blades back and shoot it like a fixed blade through it and the blades stay locked back. I actually shot my second turkey with it on a stalk, so I had them undeployed and it almost tore off the entire wing at the joint before passing through the tom.

Give it a look, you might like it. I hope to take a coyote with one during deer season to see what they'll do on a littel bigger animal.
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Default RE: Expandables

I love the Rocky Mountain Snyper. Great penitration and they will always open.
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Default RE: Expandables

stick with the sst or try the new boss head flys as good as a field point when i first switched to carbons i tryed the rocket heads every head that i shot verious animals with it took the blades right off the heads. and wasp sent me the jack hammers to try they make big holes on broadside shots the blades stayed intact but on two quarting away shots they sliced the deer 12" long and caught the last rib and went in and then fell out i found the deer but was discourage with them especialy with a draw weight of 78 lbs@ 310 fps i whent to fixed heads the ones with a 1" cutting diameter fly good on today standards,you don't always get the perfect broadside shot.
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Default RE: Expandables

I shoot 2 blade 100 grain Spitfire and have alot of success.But I am interested in trying the Cabelas Brand Mechanicle. Any reviews on them
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Default RE: Expandables

i changed to grimm reapers and im gonna stay for a while. also like the regular spitfires not the scorpions.
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Default RE: Expandables

expandables suck and are the stupidest broadheads on the market get slick tricks and you will never have to deal with those stupids things again!!![:@]
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Quick Reply: Expandables

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