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Fork Horn
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Default Scope Recommendation for CVA Optima Pro

I am seeking a scope for my Optima Pro. I will be hunting deer on the east coast, a mixture of fields and brush. Seems to me (from readings and dialoge) that a 3x-9x-40 variable is recommended. However, the Galyan's slales clerk suggests a 1.5x. Also, do I need to be mindful about the recoil and the difference of a scope made for rifle vs. shotgun vs. muzzleloader?
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Nontypical Buck
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Default RE: Scope Recommendation for CVA Optima Pro

What price range? What size bullet are you using? What eye relief range will you need? The eye relief range is important if you plan on shooting "magnum" powder charges. You certainly don't want a sub-4" ER if you're shooting 120+ grains of Pyrodex/Black equivalent with a 300+ grain bullet.
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Fork Horn
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Default RE: Scope Recommendation for CVA Optima Pro

Desired price is low to medium (consistent w/ purchase a CVA to begin with). I am using 295 gr. powerbelt bullet w/ two 777 pellets (100 gr). Don't really know how much eye releif I 'll need with this combination.

Since my original post, I zeroed in on, but am not committed to, the CVA in-line muzzleloader scope kit through Bass Pro. Appreciate any comments. Thanks!
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Nontypical Buck
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Default RE: Scope Recommendation for CVA Optima Pro

With 100 grains, the kit should work fine & gives you (beginners) good value. The only problem I have right now is your selection of pellet powder. Does that come in the kit also? If not, then what are you going to do if your Powerbelt needs 85, 90, 95, or 105 grains of powder to perform accurately?

Also, scopes are not included in your rifle warranty. Should you be planning to use "magnum charges" & that scope likely takes a crap.... that value with the kit becomes no value... actually a loss! What is the brand & model of the scope?
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Default RE: Scope Recommendation for CVA Optima Pro

If your shots are going to be in the area of 100 yards or less then I would suggest that you could get by with a Bushnell Banner Dusk to Dawn 1.5 x 4.5 Shotgun scope with the extended eye relief. I put one on my Black Diamond XR using Kwick-E mounts and if my target was with in 150 yard I could hit it every time but would prefer it to be 100 yards or less.

The scope is no expensive, the eye relief is exceptional, the light gathering ability seems real good. I am very pleased with a scope that is under $80.00. So far, with all the rounds I have put through it, it has held true.

If your really going to be reaching out there .... say 200 yard, then I would go with the Sightron S1 3X9X 40mm which will be my next purchase. I am going to change the Black Diamond over to the Sightron and put the less power scope on my Knight Wolverine. The Black Diamond is made for long distance shooting with stiff loads and I need a scope that I can depend on. Of all the good (and some bad mind you) reviews of the Sightron S1 and for the money, I just think it will be an excellent purchase.

Good luck with your rifle.. I have sure read some good things about that rifle and its ability. You might want to kick your powerbelt up to a 348 grain aero tip. From all I have read they get exceptional accuracy with them and the 348 gets excellent penetration which it hits..... My CVA Staghorn Magnum with 90 grains of Loose Pyrodex or Goex FFg and a 348 grain with open sights will shoot an average 3 inch group at 100 yards.
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Default RE: Scope Recommendation for CVA Optima Pro

My friend just bought the Optima Pro at the local gun shop and got a good deal. Cheaper than what Cabela's had, paid cash though. His stock was black, but with the white flecks throughout it.

He also bought a bushnell scope dusk to dawn. I tried putting on the scope with the Weaver rings they gave us, but the front of the scope was hitting the rear sight, and the rear, the trigger mechanism. I have some Weaver's over and unders that I'm not using so I may give them to him so he can sight in the rifle.

I also have the 50 cal CVA Firebolt Ultra Magnum, and I love the gun. I was using the TC Shockwave and they were very difficult to load, and they even broke my bullet starter. I had originally sighted in the TC's at the range at 100 yards, but switched back to the Aero tip PB's, 295 grain. I can load them with my thumb. I shot two at the range the other day, both shots were touching, 100 yards, 3 inches to the right, 2 inches down from dead center. I have to make some minor adjustments to bring them back in line. Not bad after not shooting the rifle since last October, when I was using the Shockwaves.

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Default RE: Scope Recommendation for CVA Optima Pro

I have used Bushnell Elites on my Ml's and never had a eye relief or other problem to speak of, even when loading max loads. Another to consider with a bit longer eye relief(although Variable ER) is Burris FFII.

My scope is a 3.5x10 and I have never seen the need to go lower in my situation. I like the ability to be at 10 when at the range, although in the field it has never been used. However it really depends on your situation.
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Default RE: Scope Recommendation for CVA Optima Pro

I recommend low power scopes. And ones with parallax set to 50 to 75 yards. I have a leupold 1.5-5X20mm on one of mine. And a Leupold 2-7X33 shotgun on another. I doubt you would ever have to worry about the scope crapping out with any load you could stuff down the barrel if you get a decent one.
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