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inline misfires

Old 03-22-2023, 10:57 AM
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Originally Posted by jimbo1
not sure? how do you know?

i have never looked at 1 that did go off for sure.
You should be able to tell.

It'll look like it went off. An unfired one looks sealed up
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i will check when i fire again but will probably work as it will be at the range.
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This has been mentioned before but are you cleaning the flash hole with a 1/8" drill bit turned by hand? If not, that is most likely your problem. When you clean the flash channel, you should see lots of hard crusted carbon coming out. You turn the drill bit and keep pushing until you hit the bottom of the flash channel, you will know when you are there because the drill bit will turn freely.

If the primers are not going off, I would thoroughly clean the firing pin assembly as mentioned.

You mentioned Fed 209's, the box should Not say muzzleloading anywhere on it. Federal makes hot 209A primers but also makes them for muzzleloaders. The muzzleloader type are not for use with BlackHorn 209 powder.

My son's Triumph has never had a fail to fire or misfire using the above mentioned methods.
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Old 03-27-2023, 07:09 AM
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Originally Posted by sabotloader
My first thought would be to make sure you a snapping the action closed. BH=209?
This seems to be the most logical explanation. The OP fires off a primer without issue but then when he loads it he may be more "cautious" of closing the action. Without being there it's hard to diagnose his problem.
There should be no difference between firing off a primer in an uncharged rifle vs a charged rifle.
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Will the Triumph trigger even operate out of battery? (action not completely closed and locked) And unless you are deaf, I don't believe you wouldn't hear a primer go off. Especially a shotgun primer (209) They are pretty much the same decibel range as a .22. So if you aren't hearing your primer go off then you either have a seating issue, a bad box of primers, (had that happen once had almost 100 bad primers in a brick of 1000), or you may want to inspect the firing pin for damage. Could also be a weak hammer spring. Very rare with TC's but it does happen.
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Cant answer any of these questions until I get back to the range. I have found the breech plug was fouled this last time but it cleaned up easily with a 1/8 drill bit. I usually do this when i fire it. during cleaning. When I fired it during season It was last day and was just firing it to unload. and to see if it would go off...and of course I didn't go off again.
I don't know how to check the hammer spring and or damaged firing pin but there is a dimple in the primer when it clicked. I the past I have tried several primers when i was shooting at a deer and gave up after 3 or 4. I have been working on this for several years and always try something else to fix and go to range and it fires so I think its fixed but alas again this year it didn't fire. I cant find any stores with cci or federal magnum primers to try a different box.
I am thinking of going to a traditions nitro fire but at my age probably not a good investment and also cant find the federal firestick for it.
I will keep trying...

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I'd like to try Blackhorn 209 with my TC Triumph, but where do you find the recommended primers CCI 209M or Federal 209A? Where are you guys getting your good old 777 209 primers?
edit: i just got the last 4 packs of 777s on the planet at Cabela's, should give me some time to convert to bh209 when the primer market loosens up. Maybe in a year or so?

Q: is the OP using the recommended primers?

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