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caplock 12-28-2019 10:27 AM

New Gun?
Hey guys, I'm looking for advice on possible new gun purchase. I have several guns now both inline's and side hammer. I've been interested in the newer break open style inline rifles that seam to be popular right now. I have several inline rifles now but all are older plunger style guns. The guns I've been looking at are the TC Impact and the CVA Wolf. I would like to know the goods and bad's of both these guns. I would probably be installing a scope and using this during our rifle deer season. I've pretty much been using 777 and goex in my inline guns now and would like to use it in the new gun also. I would probably be shooting 250-300 gr sabbot bullets. any info would be helpful. I have been a TC and Knight guy so a CVA would be new to me. I've found both guns online for around $180 so price about the same. Thanks

t.shaffer 12-28-2019 02:56 PM

caplock i would venture into looking into a t/c impact. i have a older one aprox 5 yrs old & love this inline . but also looking to up date it to a speed breech model. i've got a nice leupold ultra slam on it & i shoot a 100 grains of bh 209 out of it using a barnes 300 gr expander . really does a nice job on deer & i'm sure it would be good for bear also. it is a tack driver & you can find the new sb impacts on sell for 220 bucks . can't go wrong with it . like i said i would like to update it to a newer speed breech style but only way to do that is to buy the new sb impact. i also have a 1x4 bushnell cicle x scope i throw on it when i know i;m hunting in thick stuff.what you need to do is to go & shoulder a couple of the muzzy's & see how you like each one . some people complain about the way you release or open the gun stating it is hard to open. never had a issue with that.

bronko22000 01-05-2020 04:02 PM

Both the Impact and the Wolf are at the low end of the cost chart. But both are more than capable as a hunting rifle. Nothing wrong with either in my opinion. The Impact though is a nicer rifle to carry. Handle both and see what one fits you better.

Semisane 01-07-2020 04:22 PM

Well, I'm of the opinion that the TC Omega was the best inline muzzleloader ever made. I would be looking for a used Omega in good condition.

gemihur 01-30-2020 07:41 AM

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Traditions Pursuit UL
my opinion
I use an older Pursuit and they have only gotten better!

sabotloader 02-01-2020 09:10 AM

Originally Posted by Semisane (Post 4368233)
Well, I'm of the opinion that the TC Omega was the best inline muzzleloader ever made. I would be looking for a used Omega in good condition.

Ditto! The Omega is a good one!

t.shaffer 02-01-2020 12:08 PM

i also have a traditions pursuit ul . it's a nice rifle to carry for spot & stock. it's light to carry. weighs under 5.75 lbs & add a scope a little over 6 lbs. but i think i like my impact a little more . especially while in a stand or ground blind.

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