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Fix or Trash?

Old 02-17-2019, 01:26 PM
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Default Fix or Trash?

Hello all - could use some experienced advice.

Like Many, I have been eyeballing inlines for a while. Last fall, I came a cross what I thought was a good deal on a used CVA. I believe it is an Eclipse Magnum, manufactured in 2002. I ended up picking this up for about $80 with scope, some rounds so on. So, thought it to be an OK deal.

I get home and find that the trigger mechanism is broke, and the breech plug probably hadn't ever been cleaned and was stuck beyond believe. My theory is the previous owner was trying to get the plug out, and in the process of applying torque, broke the trigger assembly where it screws on. I got the plug out, and this thing is or was ridiculously dirty. So much that I can't quite tell in some spots if it is pitted or dirty. I hadn't intended on hunting with it in the fall, so stuck it in the gun safe and went on down the road.

So, now I have it out. I see where I can pick up a new trigger for about $30 and a breech plug for about $15. But, before I start throwing good money after bad, I have to wonder if there is anything else I need to consider, and if maybe there is something I am not considering that would make this a big piece of trash. The bolt and other parts looks OK, just dirty.

Any advice here? I am pretty much new - so anything on what to look for, how to clean, - you name it, I am all ears. If there is something I should be looking at and need to take pics to post here - let me know and I will try and get right on it.

Thanks in advance for the advice.
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Old 02-17-2019, 03:59 PM
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There's a good chance the bore is trashed. A rusted and pitted bore is not worth the effort. You end up with a pitted bore that rusts easily. Write it off to experience and inspect the next rifle carefully before purchasing.
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Ya` gotta know when to fold `em. FOLD.
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Thanks for the inputs. I don't have a problem trashing it, except that its winter, its cold, and I am bored. So, not trying to ignore advice, just don't mind spending some time troubleshooting.

First, I tried to take some phone pics, which naturally are terrible, but thought they might be helpful.

I guess what I am wondering is, can I attempt a cleaning in order to see if this was rust, or just dirty. If I were to clean, what is the best product or method. I have heard advice from soap and water to various commercial solvents.

Anyways, pics attached for whatever they are worth.
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It depends on what kind of powder was used in it.
Not being able to determine that , I would use boiling water with a tea spoon of dish soap as it was probably black or one of the older subs. once the dirt is cleaned out go to the auto parts store and get some Evapo-rust plug the bottom of the barrel and fill with Evapo-rust leave it sit for 24 hours , that will clean away all the rust and allow you to see the condition of the barrel.
Before you make a decision on repair consider the price of repair parts often it is cheaper to buy a new gun than to repair an old one.
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This is the time of year when W/Mart slashes their prices on the BP stuff.I,ve seen brandy new inlines for less than what you paid.I bought a box of 50 Pyrex 50/50 pellets for $7.A box of RB,s for $5.
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Thanks all. I may have some free time this weekend so might give it a scrub to see what happens. For what its worth, the pellets that came with it were Hodgen Triple 7, so I assume that is what was being shot through it. If I end up trashing it, so be it, but might give it a try.

Will also check out Wal Mart and see what they have going on. Can't hurt to have a couple.
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Old 03-18-2019, 04:01 PM
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i've got a black diamond with a breech plug stuck it was fired once(day) and never cleaned i can't get the plug out and i've soaked it for weeks with oil and stuff but with a bore light the bore looks good ...........if the bore is good the rest will be fine you can replace everything else........i'm going to take mine to a millworker hope they got better tools than my knight 3/8 breech wrench
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