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ronlaughlin 03-02-2018 11:28 AM

Lehigh Spear

Grouse45 provided these 247 grain bullets. The bullet was shot into a trap the same as shown in photo at a range of 25 yard. The powder load was 50 grain Blackhorn.

The bullet was captured by the sixth (last) jug. The third jug was the most damaged with the back side blowed out. The broken tip was found in the fourth jug. The nose of the bullet appears to be jammed with plywood.


MountainDevil54 03-02-2018 09:20 PM

Looks like a waste of time machining those cute little tips IMO.

Omega45 03-02-2018 11:05 PM

Shows they should scrap that design. Is it cooper or brass? Keep up the testing Ron.

ronlaughlin 03-03-2018 04:09 AM

Copper is what it is.


ronlaughlin 03-03-2018 04:11 AM

Originally Posted by MountainDevil54 (Post 4329589)
Looks like a waste of time machining those cute little tips IMO.

Nice clothes. (avatar)


MountainDevil54 03-03-2018 08:44 AM

Thank you kindly!

Slow moving curmudgeon 03-06-2018 08:21 AM

Originally Posted by ronlaughlin (Post 4329605)
Nice clothes. (avatar)


He was getting ready for Halloween :)

MountainDevil54 03-06-2018 08:59 AM

Rendezvous actually

Grouse45 03-13-2018 01:08 PM

Interesting!!! I have shot several Deer with them. Four other people have shot Deer with them and petals were all found in all Deer but one. That Deer they didn't look for some reason??

Im glad the tip still aloud material to go into the hollow point. If it didnt the bullet couldnt work as designed. Muscle/tissue/liquid need to go into the HP, for bullet to work properly.

Thanks Ron, i still need to do some other testing with it.

bronko22000 03-14-2018 08:33 AM

My concern with this design is that the tip could be misaligned during loading and cause erratic flight similar to the steel rods place in armor piercing bullets. If those are not centered then accuracy falls off. Looks like a lot of trouble for a tip design that probably doesn't increase the BC enough.

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