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Bullet Failure

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Originally Posted by Muley Hunter
Lots of guys use 100gr with the big NoExcuses 400-500gr conicals.

I might too if I was 25 again. I used to think it was fun to shoot a .458 mag with a 500gr bullet. You couldn't pay me enough to shoot one now.

Man, I'm glad to hear you guys confessing to this. I tried shooting one of my sons ML the other day with 110gr of BH209 with a 300gr bullet. At the shot the rifle jumped back and I got a good wrap from the scope. Luckily I didn't get cut. I think my glasses took the blunt of the force which probably saved me. I know I held onto that gun tight but I was surprised to the recoil. I finally reduced the charge down to 70 grain of BH209, to where I felt it was a tolerable load for me and my 13yr old grandson. 80 grain would have been OK for me, but you knew you fired it.

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Put a 50-cal fiber wad between the powder and bullet and you will feel it a smidge more.

I was using 80 grains BH 209 with 405 gr leaded HP Powerbelts with a fiber wad at deer camp for a few days. My Omega absorbs recoil excellently, having that Sims pad on it. Accuracy was splendid to 100 yards, but that bigazz 405 bullet only left small dents in my conducted soft pine tree tests.

Believe it or not, I was getting the same imprint using half-sized 200 grain Hornady SST 50/40s. I'm not knocking the entire Powerbelt lineup however,. What works well are the 300 gr Platinums and 348 grain copper HPs. Never tried the Aerolites that Jon likes. Actually I never purchased a Powerbelt in my life. All donated to me at deer camp over the years.

I attempted a 385 grain Hornady Great Plains bullet in my Knight Vision using 80 grains BH209 and a wad. But I could never get more than 60-70% of the bullet in the Seriously, I was so glad I packed my needle-nose pliers with me. That's the only way I could extract that bullet, without removing the breechplug and powder/wad. My screw-in bullet puller did not make this hunting trip. That same Great Plains bullet shot terribly out of my Omega at 100. Couldn't find it's way to the paper pinned to that wounded pine.

One last thing ED. Was it you that sent Hornady an email about your One Shot Cleaner/lube that turned brown like rust? Did they ever email you back?

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Originally Posted by Muley Hunter
Not what I meant, but good info.

I was talking about 120gr of BH being the max load for any bullet.
I understood you, Muley. Point is: once you reach certain weights and styles of bullets, the general rule of using 120 gr. BH209 for every load no longer applies. Modern inlines still have a safe pressure points that must be maintained, so 120 gr. is not applicable for all bullets. As weight and diameter of bullets increase, pressure is increased, so the (powder) charge must be cut back some depending on the specific bullet. A canister of un-opened 209 I have recommends that powder charges not exceed 120 gr.'s bv for bullets over 300 gr.'s. The original load data from blackhorn tested the 350 gr. hornady(specifically) to a safe load of 120 gr. bv of 209. Once you pass the general rule of 120 gr.'s of BH 209 bv for bullets/sabots up to 300 gr.'s in bullet weight, powder charge weights will become specific to each bullet weight and manufacturer, hence, the PB 444 gr. bullet @ 100 gr. BH 209.

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For those shooting big conicals. Here's some info on recoil. Gun weight shown is the muzzy weight.

.54 cal, 510gr conical at 1288fps is 43 lbs of recoil.

That's equal to a .458 mag with a 400gr bullet.

9.5lb gun

.................................................. ...........................
Another one.

.50 cal, 410gr conical at 1400fps is 29.9 lbs of recoil

Equal to a .375 H&H mag with a 270gr bullet

9.25lb gun
.................................................. .....................

One more

.45 cal, 285gr bullet at 1550fps is 22.8lbs of recoil

Equal to a 30-06 with a 200gr bullet

8.5lb gun
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Originally Posted by Triple Se7en
ED. Was it you that sent Hornady an email about your One Shot Cleaner/lube that turned brown like rust? Did they ever email you back?
Yes it was. I emailed them twice and they never responded back to me?? Guess what I'm not using anymore. I'm not taking any chances rusting the bores with my rifles.
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Next year i will probably try out some Lehigh 185gr CFs in my Knight and tinker with them in the Pacnor45.

I have some of the older 250gr Bloodlines versions to try in the NULA. Not sure how they will respond in the slower twist. Keeping the RISE to peak pressure soft but keeping them moving fast enough to stabilize might be challenging. I hate blowing sabots.
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