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Him, Again!!!

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I'm glad that PA doesn't allow hunting over feeders or baiting. Poachers would take full opportunity of that, and we have enough problems with poaching here as it is.
Oklahoma is a deer poachers paradise for several reasons, feeders being one. i own a piece of property east of I-35 that is seldom visited. The game cameras pick up big bucks in the summer. They are usually killed off by bow season opening day on 1 October.

OK is a funny place, both funny haha and funny weird. There is a law that forbids the baiting of turkeys. Why turkeys, when baiting deer is legal? Who knows.

That buck was frequenting a feeder about one mile from where the above photo was taken. Turkeys roost near there and they found the feeder. Scores of turkeys were eating the corn before dark. As a result deer and most of the hogs stopped coming.

One huge boar hog has been coming to that feeder in the daytime. Sometimes he shoos the turkeys off. i can't go after him because turkey season is open and i do not want to get caught at that feeder with a gun.

Deer have had a rough time for three years what with the drought. The deer in far SW OK are very poor because of the extreme drought conditions there.

My thing is supplementing the deer diet. i do not shoot deer at feeders but have no problem with those who do. Hogs are shot at feeders, in traps or wherever else they are found.

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Originally Posted by Semisane

Other questions you may consider Doc.

You don't shoot them under oak trees when the acorns are dropping, do you?

You don't shoot them when they are entering agricultural fields, do you?

You don't shoot them under apple/pear trees, do you?

You don't shoot them when they're distracted by the breeding imperative, do you?

You don't shoot them when they are entering or leaving their secure bedding area, do you?

Originally Posted by cayugad
You then also get into scents.. do you shoot them over mock scrapes? Do you shoot them at drip scent sights? How about decoys? I know a lot of people feel it gives hunters an unfair advantage when hunting at feeders, food plots, even bait piles, and maybe it does. But different methods will always change depending on the area we hunt. But that's one reason I use a muzzleloader.. kind of my way to even the odds. If all I wanted was a full freezer, I would take the AR15.
Originally Posted by Breechplug
Smelling Dinner is one thing, seeing it at the Table is another. Now I'm one for what ever one State say's is Legal, is Legal. That's there way and other's have there's, that's life and there way of it.

Don't mean to "Beat a dead Horse" I agree with all of the above, esp Breechplug, What is legal where you hunt is non of my (or anyones business, However all the methods mention by Semisane & Cayugad are almost universally accepted, therefore everyone is on the same playing field, Those who Bait have an unfair advantage, & the only reason this concerns me (& not that much) is qualifying for the record book, Currently I think Deer taken by Baiting do qualify for the record, & this is just plan wrong, Now in fairness Mn where I do my hunting people are allowed to plant "Food Plots" which I will be the first to agree, is just "Fancy Baiting" I do not have any food plots, I do donate to food plots which are planted on Public land. For many years I hunted the far north, where hunting is hunting, a deer wouldn't know a cob of corn or an apple. I wish everyone could experence that type of hunting, I think in many ways hunting is becoming a lost art! Now I am reading with more and more frequency is having Dogs, Yes using dogs to track wounded Deer, Baiting is one thing, but if you can't track a deer maybe one should look for a new hobby, jmop
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Now I am reading with more and more frequency is having Dogs, Yes using dogs to track wounded Deer,
The art of tracking wounded game has been mostly lost. Furthermore, many hunters fail to recognize the fact that their shot wounded an animal.

Every year i track wounded deer and elk for other hunters. i sometimes use a wired haired dachshund that belongs to a man who is too old to track. Tracking dogs are always kept leashed.

Half of the tall grass in this area looks like it has blood on it. One has a choice between walking around spraying grass with peroxide or using a tracking dog. Because of the large number of coyotes here, time is of the essence. A few times coyotes have beat me to the deer that i killed 150 yards away.

In order to hunt big game in Germany a hunter must have access to a tracking dog.

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Originally Posted by t.shaffer
do you believe poachers give a chit about anything & pa needs to come to their senses i grew up in that state & have not hunted there since 1980 the pgc really have lost their freakin mind the only thing i would ever hunt again in pa would be elk bear & for a new leader in the pa game commision all the smart people in the pgc have left for another job in another state where it makes a difference to hunt & control game population

You're preaching to the choir on that!!...

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