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Black Powder Ask opinions of other hunters on new technology, gear, and the methods of blackpowder hunting.

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Default Longest muzzleloader shot

I was arguin with a friend of mine bout max range with a muzzleloader. He told me he could not see shootin a deer past 100 150 yards i was wonderin just how far everyones hit em. I hit my first buck and doe right at 250 yards my third doe 125 and my fourth doe at 80. Three were heart lung hits and my third doe was a spine hit. So how far have u dropped one and what with all mine was with a tc triumph with a omega bdc scope 150 grains 777 and 250 grain shockwave
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My longest have been 223,234,305 and 317.
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You guys are shooting w-a-a-a-y out there. The longest possible shot on my hunting lease is 175 yards. I think my longest shot was a doe at 125 yards with the Omega X7 and 250 grain Deep Curls over 85 grains GOEX. Good middle chest hit. She went about thirty yards before dropping.
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Being that most of the places I hunt you can't see more than 100 yds (and that is only in certain areas) the farthest I've ever killed a deer with my ML was about 60 yds. The closest was about 10 feet!
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The longest shot I ever made was with a T/C Renegade, .54 caliber, open peep sight, 90 grains of Pyrodex RS, CCI #11 cap, at somewhere between 80-90 yards. The trick was, the first deer was about 80 yards, the ball went through that deer and fifteen feet behind it, was a second deer... that the ball hit and broke the spine of. So both deer.. maybe 85 to 90 yard at best. I am not sure because I found out how poor of a pacer I am.

I am not a good long distance shooter. And that is easy for me to admit. Truth is easy to tell. I do not have the skills anymore to do it with open sights, and with optics, I never practice them enough to feel comfortable with.
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Longest I've killed a deer is 60 yards, but I can bust milk jugs all day long out to 300 yards.
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My longest shots were a big doe at 177 yards and a black bear at 187 yards both with a 54 Hawkens I built from scratch except the barrel, I was shooting a 535 PRB with a ticking patch and 120 grains of Blackpowder. The deer was in the corn fields of Il and the bear was in northern Canada. The deer was shot on the last afternoon of the 3 day gun season and the bear was shot while I was building my blind never did finish it.
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I can only guesstimate that my longest shot with a muzzleloading rifle that took a deer was maybe 60 yds. Like Bronko and Cayugad I prefer to hunt in the woods or thickets where a long shot may be 70+ yds. at best. But then, I prefer to hunt with sidelocks and open sights, never got much enjoyment from a scoped in-line.

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The longest kill i thought was 314 yard antelope. However, now that i think on it more, i realize it was more closer to 317.1 yard.

The longest shot was 452 yard.
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My longest was 115 paces, so somewhere around that for yards? It was with open sights and I don't know that I would shoot much farther than that with open sights.
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