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The Hunt!

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Default The Hunt!

Yesterday, I took the opportunity to hunt but myself as my son was off at college and my daughter was in school. Yes, Stewart county TN had school on Election Day. I got up early and started my day just like all other days. I finally forced down a cup of coffee and gathered my things and headed for the matrix. It was named after my daughter missed a buck there the other day. I grabbed my TC Encore with the replaced endeavor barrel and it was loaded with 120 gr of Pyrodex RS and a 240 gr XTP and the supplied sabot. I got settled in the blind and relaxed listening to the rain hitting the blind. It was cool at 38*F, but I was comfortable and really didnít care but I love being outdoors. As I sat there in the blind waiting for the birth of a new day I could not help from letting my thoughts drift back to my son Nick. I remembered our last hunt before Nick was deployed and I never saw him again alive. I enjoyed the time that we had spent hunting and fishing. I miss him these days since I have more time on my hands than I know what to do with. The steady pounding of rain and the warmth of my hunting coat was comforting and I smiled remembering the look on Nicks face at his first deer. As the darkness was now light; my attention was suddenly drawn to the outline of a deer. It was a young eight point and he hung around for a while feeding and checking out some of the ladies that came to feed on some of the soft tender new grass that now grew where I had cut down blackberry briars a few weeks ago with the bush hog. I sat in the blind nice and cozy watching several doe and button bucks feeding. The young 8 point finally left to find some other ladies to satisfy his desires. About an hour later I saw a real nice buck at a path that I had previously ranged with my range finder at 184 yards. The buck walked straight away from me and never slowed for me to get a more accurate look at him. I sat in the blind and watched 3 big gobblers slowly feed through the area and a few other doe. I decided that I had better take a break from hunting for a little while to go and cast my vote. I left the blind around 11:30 and headed straight to do the deed. I grabbed a cup of coffee and a sandwich and then headed back to the matrix. It was now 1:30 and the rain had finally stopped. I settled back into the blind to enjoy an afternoon sit. Not too much happened other than a few squirrels scurrying about and playing. Around 3:30 I saw a young doe working towards my direction. I sat and watched for what seemed to be the longest time. By 4:30 there were 3 doe and 3 button buck 24 yards from my blind. I enjoyed watching them play and carry on for a few minutes. I saw a doe suddenly appear at the farthest end of the field where I had bush hogged to later plant a new food plot of clover. A couple minutes went by and I caught some movement in the edge of the wood line. I looked through my Binoculars to see what it might be. It was a huge buck that I had been watching and would have loved for my daughter to have taken as her first deer. He bolted from the wood line out into the open. I could easily see his lip curl and the doe took off with him in hot pursuit. They had quickly disappeared from sight. I had already gotten my rifle shouldered but unfortunately it was too late. My heart sank and I was kicking myself for not being ready. However, at that same minute a doe burst out into the other end of the field where they were previously. I had range that area several times and 8 times out of 10 it ranged at 208 yards. The temperature was dropping again and was now around 42*F with a slight 3 mph SWS wind. I hurriedly prepared myself in case the buck would reappear. I have a tactical scope with turrets so I made the adjustments and settled my breathing waiting for the buck to appear. I pick up my binoculars and quickly scanned the wood line and all of a sudden a buck appeared. I sat down my binoculars and cranked the power up on my scope and waited for my natural respiratory pause as I settled the cross hairs on his shoulder to insure a quick kill. As my body hit that old feeling and I slowly pressed the trigger and a large puff of smoke rolled at the rumble of my rifle. The buck never took a single step. He was down for good and I was belated. I never reloaded the rifle. I just sat there thinking that all of the trials and tribulation in my life are over as well and this day I am alive and enjoying my creatorís great paradise. As I slipped back into reality I noticed it had started to mist rain once again. The walk to my deer was a long slow walk with the help of my cane. I would have never guessed that I would have ended up burying two of my sons and walk with a cane. I have time to reflect the way I have lived my life and I know that as long as I live my boys will always be alive in my heart. When I am alone in the woods I reflect back on the memories of hunting with my children and look forward to hunting season. I finally closed the distance to realize that the buck that I shot was not the buck that I had seen chasing that doe out of the field. The shot had impacted as a high shoulder shot and was a complete pass through. It was very impressive wound channel with the 240 grain XTP. I thanked the deer for his life and field dressed him. I am no longer all about killing and do not enjoy the killing. I do enjoy tenderloin and steak and unfortunately it is part of life. I love hunting and all aspects of hunting. In closing: If you get a chance please take a child hunting. The memories are worth far more than anything in the world. Also, take someone who may have a disability hunting and show them that you care and that they may still take part in the hunt.
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Great deer and great story. That is some excellent shooting there. I enjoyed reading about your hunt. Congratulations on the venison.
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Slowburn, Very nice story and harvest. That part about Nick really got me choked up. I thank him and your family for his service to our country. No words from anyone can ever help ease the pain you must feel. My brother was killed in a car wreck when he was way to young.. Now all I have are our memories and when im in a tree I often cry like a baby thinking of him.
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Great post, great buck. Thanks for sharing.
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Nice Harvest! and Good story, Congrat's.
Gotta Love them 240gr XTP's
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Well told thoughts of love of children,the woods,wildlife,And a hunt.
Thanks for sharing a special spot.
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That was a fine read Slow Burn.
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Good stuff right there.
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If that story doesnt reach out and grab ya I dont know what will. So sorry for your loss. Congratulations on your hunt that is a very nice buck.
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Great buck great shot.Congratulations
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