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Black Powder Ask opinions of other hunters on new technology, gear, and the methods of blackpowder hunting.

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nothing wrong with changing bullets just to see how they act in the field, i highly enjoy seeing those results.

Im a Thor man this year but next year i hope to use my own bullets.
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Well I have used PRB in 45,50,54,58 caliber I started out using hollow point lead in a TC sabot that was split and had a greased wad, went to 250 grain XTP Then power pelts, then to Shock Wave 250 grain then to Deep Curl[Gold Dot] 250 grain then to Gold Dot 300grain then back to 250 grain Deep Curl then to Lehigh 200 grain, then the 200 grain 40 caliber shock Wave, then to Bonded Shock Wave.
The best PRB for me is the 54 caliber. I was not happy with the pure lead hollow point, I had a very bad experience with Power Belts, the XTP was marginal they break up to easy with the loads I use.
The Bonded Shock Wave the 200grain 40 calibers and the 250 grain Deep Curl were excellent stoppers and are my go to bullets.
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Hope I'm not done, then I'd be dead....
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I bought about 300 of the Nosler 260gr bullets from Widners when they had them on sale. I still have 4 jugs of the blackmag3 that my gun seems to like along with the noslers. I should be set for a little while.
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Each of my rifles have a certain load or charge that I know the rifle shoots very well. And I have confidence in the ability of it to take game/deer. But in the sabot department, I have never to date killed a deer, shooting a sabot/bullet combination. It seems when I hunt with them, I never see anything. I load up an old roundball and the deer bounce around me all day. And that roundball is good deer medicine. So I just bring one home with them.

I do experiment with about anything I can find, as you all know. That is the allure of muzzleloading. For instance.. I have a Ruger M77 in 7mm magnum. I know that if I load a Winchester 150 grain Power Point SP cartridge, there is nothing safe for many hundreds of yards around me. That combination just flat out shoots and kills. So what fun is that. I like shooting the rifle, but I know what its going to do. Now a muzzleloader.. you guys talk about all these different bullets and conicals out there.. and by darn I just have to buy them and shoot them. And I have a blast trying them out. That is fun.
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I get bored easily.

I tend to experiment with a variety of bullets and loads, and use the best ones for hunting. In the past 4 years for hunting I have used the .40 cal 200 XTP, 200 Shockwave, 200 SST, 225 grain Powerbelt (.45), 185 grain Lehigh and the .452 250 grain Deep Curl.

Currently I favor the 200 SST and 185 Lehigh, but who knows, that could change next year.

I have also observed with deer that the bullet choice hasn't seemed to matter that much- shot placement has been everything. However, I have strayed away from the XTPs because I was getting bullet fragmentation at high velocities, and it was ruining some of the meat and making it more difficult to process the deer. Still killed the deer pretty dead, though.
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