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The problem with shows, is it's not always what it seems. We all know what cameras can do by watching movies.

I'm also an avid fly fisherman, so I also watch fly fishing shows. What they make look like an amazing day on the river might have taken 2 weeks to film. I've also heard they block the stream/river and stock it with large fish.

I've also heard what we see on TV for hunting is on private property with huge stock of animals.

Now, i'm not being sour grapes here. Some of what we see is real, and they're experienced hunters who could hunt me into the ground.

Jim Shockey is a guide, and i'm sure he's one hell of a hunter.

I'm just saying that we need to take the TV shows as entertainment, and don't be too critical, or too amazed.

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I agree with both of you. I couldn't try to sell something to people that I know is junk. I'm sure I'm naive but I like to think that most of what I see being pushed on TV isn't junk. Some of it is better than others, some of it I wouldn't use, but I haven't seen much that I really thought was junk and wouldn't at least try once.
I know a lot of the hunting/fishing shows aren't "real." I've read plenty of times about filmed hunts taking several seasons for one half hour show. I read about stalking streams and all that. But it's TV. Thats to be expected. But read about the lives of the people you see on tv and almost all of them got there from hard work and being dedicated to what they love. I applaud them for that.
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There is on thing about the "experts" is what you read was most of the time 5-6years old.Muzzleloader's world changed a lot in the last 5 years.
I read all their articles ,some I liked some not.
We have to try on our own and find what work with our guns.
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