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How my antelope hunt went. >

How my antelope hunt went.

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How my antelope hunt went.

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Originally Posted by ronlaughlin
You yourself would cook it just like you cooked them many deer you have eaten. The thing about pronghorn is they can be the stinkiest smelliest critter you have ever killed; the smell seems to stay on one's hands for a week or so. The amazing thing to me is a big buck that stinks like nothing else in the field, when taken to the kitchen, can be a delight.
Myself, i have never been able to cook a nice buck deer in the kitchen, and handle the cooking smell, and then eat it. Whereas the buck antelope smells fine, and is delicious. I have been known to cook and eat buck deer around the campfire, but not at home.
Thank's Ron, I kinda thought I heard that Antelope are some Smelly Critters, and that some like em and some dont. As for Buck Deer, if your Talking about (Whitetails) as there the only ones in My Area, Yea, some are really Smelly too, but it's because most are taken during the Rut, or befor or soon after it and the smell of there Urine on there Tarsel Glands is what most smell. I know a Big Ol Buck sure looks good on the Wall but for Taste there not that good, Tough and Gamey.And yes they will smell up your Kitchen when cooking them.
I'd Much Rather Eat a Young Doe, but I wont shoot them so enough said. But I will let My Wife take a Adult Doe or 2 for the Freezer and that's what we eat, ummmm Good! And this year My Wife Wont Be Hunting with me as she's had 2 of her 4 Surgerys and cant shoot this year, hopefully next.
Also I know with Whitetails that what they eat has a-lot to do with how they taste (besides age) Im lucky to live In Farm Country and the Deer have a vast array of things to eat from Corn, Soybeans, Oats, Apples, Nuts ect so they have a good tast to them. Im sure those Antelope livin out in the Plains dont have a great Diet, and them Ruttin Antelope Bucks cant help but Smell from all the fun there Havin untill they Hear BOOOOMMMMM!
Thank's for the Reply and sorry I've been gone so long, not because I did'nt want to be here, but because I've been real busy through the Summer and I have to work hard to be able to Play Hard so I can have the time to Enjoy this Special time of the year and all of your Company.
All My Best, Ron (BP)
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