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bullet question

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Default bullet question

this is just my experience from the last two years but could someone explain this to me. 250 grain sst's leave bigger exit holes and better blood trails when shot from my 20 gauge mossberg than 300 grain sst's shot from my friends mossberg 12 gauge and the and the 300 grain shockwaves shot from both of our ml's. most of theses deer have been shot from close range like 40 yards or less and havent gone more than 40-50 yards if they did go anywhere. the 300 grain bullets both have left spray blood trails with heart and lung hits like a wide trail of freckles on the snow and the 250 grain 20 gauge sst has left blood trails like you poured out a 5 gallon bucket.
im not complaining because all of the deer were hit well and died quickly but was just wondering about why the 250 grainers are leaving better blood trails with the same kind of hits. this may be odd to some of you out there but that is how its been working here im wondering if i should try 250 grain shockwaves or sst in my omega next year or if i should stay with the 300 grain shockwaves?
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Velocity has a major effect on the way a bullet opens these "pointy" bullets take a certain amount of time to open. If you push it to fast it does not usually blow up like a hollow point that is pushed beyond its capabilities instead it tends to go through a light animal like a deer before it gets open. That's why some people have problems with them. If you could chronograph them and give us the readings in FPS it would help pin that down. Lee
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