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Big TN doe down!! Hornady FPB!

Old 11-02-2008, 05:57 AM
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Default RE: Big TN doe down!! Hornady FPB!

ORIGINAL: brushbustin

Today is opening day in TN for our muzzleloader season.Got in and set up this morning about 45 mins before day light and while waiting for daylight a dang owl tried to fly in the ground blind with me,I yelled out loud a little,it scared the crap out of me!Daylight came and at about 7:30 1 doe cross in front of me,to far 10 mins later another doe to far,and another 10 mins another doe,all too far to shoot at,about 140 yds ranged.I felt that I would get a closer shot.At about 9:30 this doe steps out at about 100 yds and starts walking toward me,and I let her to to about 60 yds and I say thats close enough!And let my ol kodiak speak!Smoke flys and when it clears I see her running back the way she came with her tail up.I think to myself,there is no way i missed her.I get out of my blind,and go and look,feeling pretty discouraged,I find blood and say to myself,we got a doe down!So i go back to my blind and grab my kodiak and pick up the trail.It was a very good blood trail,she ran problly 40 yds and piled up.I shot her with the new Hornady FPB bullet and 2 triple seven pellets!The hole wasn't nothing to brag about,but I got a complete pass thru and it did give me a good blood trail to follow,so im happy![img]">

Beautiful, that will be a very nice eating doe. Good you got a pass thru and an very good blood trail, the small hole going out says that the bullet didn't expand much, that is not surprising on a 60 yard shot. Good job. Amen. Chap
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Old 11-02-2008, 06:19 AM
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Default RE: Big TN doe down!! Hornady FPB!

Complete pass through and only 40 yards after the shot. Sounds like another good job from the FPB.

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Default RE: Big TN doe down!! Hornady FPB!

Congrats on the doe. That will sure taste good.

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Default RE: Big TN doe down!! Hornady FPB!

Yes I have used them, I bought 50 when they first came out, I believe they are one of the best conical I have tried for accuracy, I got groups under 1.5 inches at 100yd with all my trial loads I tried 90 100 and 110 gr the 100gr load grouped the best in both the Omega and the Triumph. { Since my wife had a total knee replacement and I have been taking care of her I missed the muzzle loading season} I did manage to take on nice boar with them while I was trying them out, using a 100gr and the Triumph shot running away going in under the short ribs came out through the opposite front shoulder [hit bone and made a real mess of it, I am ashamed of myself ] so the exit while being large really don't mean much the entrance hole was just the size of the bullet as it should be. If I draw an elk license I will use the for that as for a majority of deer hunting I will keep on using the 250 gr Gold Dot or if I might need long range the 250 gr SW, but the FPB is an excellent bullet and I like it for boar in the thickets. Lee
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Default RE: Big TN doe down!! Hornady FPB!


Glad you did good big guy.

I got out at 5:30am and heard deer milling around for probably half an hour. 15 minutes before shooting light, something spooked them and they ran off. I didn't see a darn thing all day after that.

Congrats again, she looks real good!!!
We must have sat in the same woods.

Nice deer there pard. That will be some great table fair.
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