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bowbender6 06-08-2008 06:19 PM

More Homework BH209 Barnes report

More Homework BH209 Barnes report
Working with a gun for my daughter (23 old)- looking for a light load. Gun is Traditions Lightning Bolt. This gun you can screw on a muzzlebreak. I had converted it to 209 primer. The screw in 209 nipple has a .040" hole and there is some blowback. I had no misfires or delays. 90 yards- 60 grains weighed BH209 = 86 by volume. I used Black RTV silicon to bed the stock.

gleason.chapman 06-09-2008 04:42 AM

RE: More Homework BH209 Barnes report
Wow, that 195MZ looks really great. Very nice.I like theblack rifle with the silver scope looks cool, and I am sure your daughter will think it is a beauty.Your in business with that rifle in both the looks and the accuracy department. Oh I got a Black Traditions sling off their Web site for $5.00, leather about 3 weeks ago. Really nice. Get her one of those also. Best wishes to you and your daugher.


PS. Here is the Sling:

also they have a bunch of Barnes bullets on sale here:


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