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Tahquamenon 01-23-2008 03:21 PM

RE: Getting your deer out of the woods?
Done that fall in the creek technique only I added the loose your balance andbury your rifle in the muck manuver. [8D]

Tahquamenon 01-23-2008 03:22 PM

RE: Getting your deer out of the woods?
Got to get me one of those 4wd game retrival and delivery vehicles.

dmurphy317 01-23-2008 04:40 PM

RE: Getting your deer out of the woods?
Theres always the good old horse or mule that can go off road where 4 wheelers can't. They can be expensive to own but if there is a horse rental place in your area that may be an alternative. I've not rented one but I know there is a place near where I live that does that, not sure what it would cost though.

I have thought about getting one or two of those "dead sleds" that roll up and can be carried with you. They are suppose to be fairly tough and will slide over most surfaces. I think Sportsmans Guide had them for around $30 last time I checked.

lonewolf5348 01-23-2008 04:52 PM

RE: Getting your deer out of the woods?

ORIGINAL: sabotloader


Now you are talking...

That is the way we got one elk and one deer out this year....

hook on and skid him out...

I just can't think wear to start if I had to drag an elk out of the woods without a quad or horse.I read an article a few years back in PA. a guy shot a bear over 800lbs and it took 9 guys to drag it out :The state game warden refused the hunter to use a quad the was leagal insured and had PA reg: and plates:The owner of the quad even ask the gamewarden to drive the quad and still no good so it took 9 guys and a whole day of dragging one suffered a broken ankle and one drager has a heart attack

Duramax05 01-24-2008 09:03 AM

RE: Getting your deer out of the woods?
My buddy shot a buck on state land about 1 1/2 miles from the road down a mountain. Not a mountain like out west but down in the Catskill's in NYS. We tied that deer to a pole like a hog and carried it out. Not sure if it was the best method but it seemed to work and neither of us died. As for the guys that drag deer out backwards, you should tie a slip not in your rope and put the loop around the horns or the does head and make sure you get the front feet in the loop. It keeps them from catching as you drag.

Larry Benoit says to use a shorter drag rope as it keeps the deers head and shoulders up better. Tried this once and the tines kept hitting me in the calf.

cayugad 01-24-2008 09:30 AM

RE: Getting your deer out of the woods?
Someone told me that mules and horses have to be trained to drag out dead animals because of the blood, smelland stuff. Whether that is trueI could not say. And whether it is hard to train a horse or mule to do so, I have no idea. My friend that owns afarm. He bought a half Belgium/Percheron mare. That great big monster horse could pull logs with ease, pulled a sleigh around in the snow, but she would not pull a deer. When he shot that nice buck back in the alder swamp and called me to help get it out, I told him to get that hay burner of his. We tried to walk her back into a swamp up to that big buck he shot. She smelled or saw it, and that was that. She turned around and walked out. And when they want to leave, there is little you can do to them other then shoot them. So we walked out out to the edge of the field and tied her there. When we got that deer pulled out that far we thought we could tie a long rope to her. NO way. She balked. So I then went and got my ATV which I could have done in the first place and got that far in. There are some draw backs to ATV's as some places they just can not go. .

I once brought out two deer of my own and one other deer from afriend of mine, all at the same time with the ATV. I had one on the back rack, one on the front rack and one thrown over the seat. I had to throw the one over the seat as it kept falling off the rack when I tried to climb out of a steep gully. It is amazing what an ATV can pull. I even use mine to drag out logs for firewood cutting. It sure beats the old days of dragging logs out by hand or in chunks.

HuntAway 01-24-2008 11:54 AM

RE: Getting your deer out of the woods?
When we're hauling moose we run the rope from the front racks-underneath the bike and around their chest. We tighten that up real tight then we tie the head to the back rack to get it out of the way. By doing this the front end stays on the ground and you drag them out pretty slick.

dmurphy317 01-24-2008 02:40 PM

RE: Getting your deer out of the woods?
Horses do have to be trained to not balk at the smell of blood but I've been told that mules don't have as much problem with it. Also most horses/mules that can be riden with a saddle can carry game in a pack setup, just lead them out to the truck. I'm not an expert on this but have been told that by others who have used or own pack animals.

I just remembered something else. I met a goat farmer once who told me they use some of their goats to pack in and out of hunting camps, they just can't carry as much weight so it takes more of them or more trips with them.

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