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WinchesterX150 03-29-2007 03:58 PM

Shot some maxi hunters/ Fixed nipple
I got my 255 grain maxi hunters in today, which was super fast. I already had the gun loaded with a powerbelt so i fired that off @ 50 yards and took a look and it was about an 1 1/2" to theleft, gotta adjust it over a little. Next 5 shots were with the maxi hunters and 60 grains rs @50 yards. First shot 3" to the right, second shot, right into the same hole. After 3 shots and finding them all in the same hole i was thinking i was missing the entire target so i loaded up #4 shot and aimed to the left a hair and sure enough, right next to the other 3 shots. #5 shot i aimed back to normal and noticed the One hole was smudged a little to the right. 4 out of 5 shots directly into the first shot. I was out of maxi hunters so i loaded up 2 more 225 grain powerbelts and took 2 shots and these hit directly in the bulls eye but 1" apart. Even though the maxi hunters shot flawlessly im still not sure which bullets i will use this season. If i decide to use the maxi hunters i will need to adjust the front sight now, my rear is hanging a little to far over as it is.

Now the problem. I keep busting 2 caps and always on the #3 cap i have to put a little powder in the nipple to set the charge off. Im getting rid of this nipple and possibly dumping the whole entire #11 cap setup. Do any of you know what size threads the deercreek rifles used? I tried a couple out of my cva's and the threads wont work with it or the entire base is to big.

dmurphy317 03-29-2007 06:54 PM

RE: Shot some maxi hunters/ need helpwith nipple
Sounds like the maxi is the load to go with.

I know of only 3 thread types for nipples(there are probably more but I'm not sure). the CVA's use 6x1 metric, some use 6x.75 metric, and some use 1/4-20tpi. I'm sure others will chime in on which you may have and if there are other sizes available.

WinchesterX150 03-29-2007 07:15 PM

RE: Shot some maxi hunters/ need helpwith nipple
Ohhh yeah! We're in business now! Found a nipple on my stepbros bobcat that fit. I'll pick up an SS nipple next time in town. In the meantime, i'll be drilling this one out.

WinchesterX150 03-29-2007 07:20 PM

RE: Shot some maxi hunters/ need helpwith nipple
Also, Lonewolf5348, Thank you for those bullets, i will be sending the money your way early next week. Those bullets shot perfectly in this rifle. Also love how they came prepacked in those clear tubes! very handy.

roundball 03-29-2007 07:25 PM

RE: Shot some maxi hunters/ need helpwith nipple
TC's .45cal/255grn Maxi-Hunters are absolute tack drivers in my TC .45 x 1:48's...both caplock and Flintlock...never had great luck with any other caliber maxi-hunters but the .45s have always beenincredibly accurate...the only conical I keep around.

WinchesterX150 03-30-2007 02:05 PM

RE: Shot some maxi hunters/ need helpwith nipple
Took the rifle out with the new nipple. same story, after 3 caps the charge would go off. Tried to shoot it that way but it wasnt printing on the paper. Got fed up with it and my brother gave me the nipple out of his mtn stalker, a modded nipple that he drilled out and i put that on my mtn rifle and went back out and shot like a charm. After this, all of our percussion rifles nipples will be pulled and drilled out.

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