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biggerhammer 09-21-2006 05:47 PM

Traditions Pursuit LT: first impression
So, I finally got to make a bit of smoke today. I was just plinking at a cardboard box, around 25 yards away- basically introducing myself to the ML. All bullets from Cabelas, all in crush-rib sabots.

777 (FF) 90g pushing a Hornady .458 300gr HP bullet: modest kick, easy to load. This will be my starting point for a whitetail round.

Same charge with a mighty Remington 45-70 405gr flat-point- after finally getting the bullet seated (which took grunting, sweating, swearing, leaning and other antics that I don't plan to repeat), definite increase in kick. If I had a staff of loaders on hand ;)I would like to use this, but it's just too much work! Looks like my reloading buddy just scored 98 free bullets. Hope he loads 45-70.

I met Mr. Crud Ring for the first time, and I have to say I'm not too fond of him. He snuck in after the second shot. I tried to ignore him but after the third shot, he just wouldn't leave me alone... I think I'm going to have to at least run a saturated patch every shot. (I had been shooting without cleaning specifically so that I could see how many shots I could get... answer is two, three at absolute most).

The Pursuit is a break-open model with removable breechplug... cleaning, even for one as new to this ML as I am, was ten relaxed minutes. Compared to my old ML (fixed and the breechplug was either not removable or required tools that I lacked, I forget which), this thing is a summer dream to clean.

frontier gander 09-21-2006 06:59 PM

RE: Traditions Pursuit LT: first impression
Sounds like a fun day. How was the shot pattern? scoped or open sights? You may also want to try the powerbelts once you get on target at a farther range. This year i used the 385 grain hornady great plains bullets. Son of a gun! Theres nothing worse than shooting a deer and cussing up a storm while reloadingand trying to get a new bulletstarted down the barrel lol. Thats why ive decided to change back to the powerbelts. Whats with this crud ring stuff? Does this only happen with triple 7? Ive been using pyrodex RS since i started muzzleloading and never had that kind of problem. Glad you like the rifle, Are you still sore about not getting the NEF?

biggerhammer 09-21-2006 07:19 PM

RE: Traditions Pursuit LT: first impression
It was a good day. I was plinking- not shooting enough for a pattern, just having fun. I'll do a serious run this weekend, with more formal notes and measurements and really finding out what the ML likes for a load.

The crud ring is apparently a 'benefit' of Triple 7. I'm willing to put up with the extra swab between shots for the low odor and easy cleanup, though. I shot Pyrodex before and this stuff is just a world easier than what I remember of Pyrodex cleanup.

I'm still a bit miffed with Walmart for not getting the NEF (they didn't actually order it, just took my deposit). But if the Traditions ML keeps impressing me, I'll forgive them. I'd wanted to get the interchangable barrels that the Huntsman can use, but it's certainly not vital.

frontier gander 09-22-2006 11:57 AM

RE: Traditions Pursuit LT: first impression
Im not suprised im the only one answering to this thread lol. Most of these guys here are advertisment bought and own The Famous Omega! Most of them are the hard headed, I only buy products that say Made In America! I dont buy that made in spain junk :D... Of course i know we'll be seeing the famous " I buy a tc bcuz the quality is better and they come with a transferable warranty" But hey you bought a rifle made in spain and so far it seems like you are enjoying it and thats what counts. Its a muzzleloader, Sure, the second muzzleloader i bought was a cheap cva $110 rifle but you know what? I dont have the nuts to spend $500-600 on a TC and take it out in the woods and scratch it up. CVA/ Traditions are great shooters and are cheap enough to replace if you were to really mess it up while hunting. Of course i take it easy with my rifles when im hunting, i dont throw them around and all that but the point is, If something happens to the rifle and it breaks from a fall and i know its my fault, I can replace it cheaply and not thave to takeout a loan for a new one. But anyways, Keep us up to date and enjoy the new rifle!

cayugad 09-22-2006 12:40 PM

RE: Traditions Pursuit LT: first impression
This is strange, I was sure I had replied to your post. Lately the site has been going off on some strange tangent and loosing things for me.

Good luck with your rifle. I am sure the Tradition's rifle will serve you well. I own three or four of them myself and they are all good shooters. I do admit I bought a Tradition's E-bolt many years ago, and sent it back for a refund. There was something wrong with the safety and the cocking mechanism. It has a habit of just going off for no reason.

The loads your shooting sound very interesting. My CVA Staghorn Magnum shoots the 245 grain Powerbelts with 90 - 100 grains of powder with amazing accuracy. It has a red dot on it, and out to 100 yards anything in front of that is in a world of hurt. Actually try some simple T/C Cheap Shots with 80 grains of powder. They are really accurate and would take a deer out no problem IMO.

While frontier gander seems upset that some posters like the Omega over other brands, I am sure they have their reasons for their selection just as he does for his. I will say I once fell with my T/C Renegade and broke the stock. It was my fault of course. Instead of junking the rifle, Thompson Center replaced the stock free of charge and with out question. When the stock broke on my Tradition's Pioneer, they told me to glue it... There are reasons people invest in more expensive rifles. Just as there are reasons I own CVA's and other Spanish and Italian brands.

But I am getting off topic. Good luck with your new rifle and keep us posted on the loads it shoots. Good luck hunting with it and on the target range.

biggerhammer 09-24-2006 02:39 PM

RE: Traditions Pursuit LT: first impression
I got off half a dozen shots between downpours here.

80gr T7 (FF) with a T7 209 primer, pushing a 300gr Hornady hollowpoint snugly nestled in a crush-rib sabot: 25 yards muzzle-target; open sights.

3/4" group! It's only 25 yards, but open sights after several years of no firearms, I'm calling this a HOO-WAH! group.

I started trying out 85 grains but got rained out after one shot.

I may need to find an old tent and set it up for rainy days like this... I'm shooting prone anyway!

frontier gander 09-24-2006 04:02 PM

RE: Traditions Pursuit LT: first impression
Sounds great so far. My traditions kentucky flintlock rifle will shoot almost thru the same hole at 20-40 yards with 40 grains goex 3f. If your rifle is like mine and your bullets are working out for you, you should be shooting under 2" groups at 100yards. I dont shoot sabots and never had experience with them so its hard to say what will happen from 25 to 100 yards. The tent is a good idea lol. If you've been getting that much rain, its worth a try. Get one at wal mart for $20. 5x7 i belive the size is. Move out to 50 yards now, sounds like 25 yards is already good lol.

cayugad 09-24-2006 04:41 PM

RE: Traditions Pursuit LT: first impression
those are some fantastic groups for sure and will only get better with time and experience. Nice going. Actually for prone shooter you could get one of them little two man tents and shoot out of that. I know a fellow that bought an "outhouse blind" when they were on sale at Wal Mart and loads and shoots out of that blind on rainy days. He said it is a great way to practice actual hunting situations. I bought two of them same blinds when Wal Mart had them for $19.00. I have never even taken them out of the box, but with all the rain lately, maybe it is time for me to sit in one of my outhouses. :D

Triple Se7en 09-24-2006 05:42 PM

RE: Traditions Pursuit LT: first impression
A"decent" outlook of how your new ML is doing comes at 50 yards. Most-all ML's can find a suitable load at that distance with range work.

You will know when you have a "good" inline-- whenit shoots well at 100 yards. A "real good" inline is one that shoots 3" groups at 150. A "cats meow" ML is the one that repeats that at200.

You are on your way!.... "So far -- So Decent"...:D

Have some patience getting there& be prepared to buy more than one powder brand and a few different bullet brands along the way. What you have now in powder & bulletmay work all the way up the ladder... but ya' never know how the ML is going to react as you climb that ladder.

Keep Your Powder Dry Folks
. . . . . . . Joe [/i]

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