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American pioneer powder

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American pioneer powder

Old 09-18-2005, 05:27 AM
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Default American pioneer powder

Hi, This is my first post on this forum. I just bought an encore 50 cal., for this gun I"d like to try app but I"m having trouble finding real loading data .I'm not new to muzzle loaders .Been shootin -em for 30 years now.I have 250 gr. shockwaves., 250 hornady sst ,200 gr shockwaves ,and some 300 gr all copper knight.I'm leaning on the 250 GR stuff for whitetails.Working a load starting at 100 gr of app going up to around 130gr .Any suggestions would be appeciated
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Old 09-18-2005, 07:19 AM
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Default RE: American pioneer powder

Similar data can be found by comparing it to Pyrodex & Blackpowder loads. That will get you close with APP.

Congrats on your new Encore! Buy Harvester plastic sabots for it (50-pks) because T/C bores are tight... even with their own packaged bullets. Swap the packaged bullet sabots with the Harvesters. If you can find the new ribbed Harvesters, please buy those & do a report here on their accuracy, quality & ease of loading.
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Old 09-18-2005, 08:12 AM
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Default RE: American pioneer powder

According to APP, their stuff is a volume-for-volume replacement for real BP in thge appropriate granulation. So, if you were shooting a charge of 70 grains of FFg black powder with a given bullet, a 70-grain charge of FFg APP should give you prety much the same performance. I know this was true when the stuff was called Clean Shot.
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Old 09-21-2005, 08:29 AM
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Default RE: American pioneer powder

Hey guys...first post here..seems to be a good site with a wealth of info. :thumb

Seems Eldequello has answered my question I've been searching for... Clean Shot was replaced by APP, huh???

Most excellent- I've been looking high and low for Clean Shot so I can hit the range this weekend and get my new TC Omega broke in....

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Old 09-21-2005, 08:48 AM
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Default RE: American pioneer powder

Sodaman - Congrats on your new purchase. Not provide any contradictory information since I know how frustrating it can be to have different people telling you different things [:@], but I wanted to share my experiences with the Harvester sabots since I own an Encore too.

The sum up my feelings on the Harvester sabots: I think they're god aweful...at least out of my gun. I've tried multiple sized projectiles at loads ranging from 70gr APP to 110gr APP and in all instances, the groups were absolutely horrible. I recall one group that was about 12 inches shot at only 50 yards. Interestingly, I had much better luck with Knight and Hornady sabots as I am able to hit a playing card consistently at ranges up to about 85 yards or so. Also, my buddy has an Encore as well and had identical experiences as mine with the Harvester sabots. Can't hit squat !!

Again, no disrespect to anyone here, but I would suggest you purchase several different makes of sabots and projectiles (sounds like you have the projectile thing covered), shoot only a couple of combinations on each trip to the range, swab beteen shots, keep all your paper targets after clearly marking what load was shot into the target, and you will discover what combination your Encore likes to eat.

Who knows, maybe your Encore will like a steady diet of Harvester sabots. Mine spits 'em all over the place [>:].

Keep us posted on your findings.

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Old 09-22-2005, 06:22 PM
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Default RE: American pioneer powder

Hunter John,
You wanna sell any of those god awful Harvestor sabots? LOL I agree with Triple Se7en on this one! I've shot some of my best groups using Harvestor sabots under heavy powder charges. I'm a hunter 1st, target shooter 2nd and I like accurate heavy hitting bullets that drop game quickly/humanely.
I'm looking forward to trying out the crush rib sabots. I hope to report on them soon, my order is on the way.
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Old 09-22-2005, 07:23 PM
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Default RE: American pioneer powder

I got some results from my pinnacle testing here:


Got more ta do but not looking too bad right now.
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Old 09-22-2005, 07:41 PM
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Default RE: American pioneer powder

Lane.. how did you like that Shockey Gold?
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Old 09-23-2005, 11:28 AM
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Default RE: American pioneer powder

Powerbelts [300 grain] shoot great out of my TC ,and load alot easyer . Some say they dont preform well on game , but a friend shot 5 deer last season with the 250 grain aerotips and all but 1 droped in their tracts , the other made it about 20 yards .
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Old 09-24-2005, 06:08 AM
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Default RE: American pioneer powder


Shockey Gold prints just an inch higher at 78 yards than regular APP. And it pours and handles just the same. So I like it alot!


I agree, PowerBelts 295 HP and up, just flatten anything they hit! And usually tack driving accuracy in any CVA or TC Encore The ease of loading is worth the extra few pennies per round, compared to the aggravation of jamming most sabots down the tight barreled Encores[:@][:'(]

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