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Best modern muzzleloader for long range deer

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Default RE: Best modern muzzleloader for long range deer

<BLOCKQUOTE id=quote<font size=1 face='Verdana, Arial, Helvetica' id=quote>quote:<hr height=1 noshade id=quote> Well you dont really get a muzzleloader for long range deer hunting.<hr height=1 noshade id=quote></BLOCKQUOTE id=quote></font id=quote><font face='Verdana, Arial, Helvetica' size=2 id=quote>

One does if they live and hunt in Iowa. We have no centerfire rifle season for deer. Bow, shotgun, pistol and muzzleloader are the only legal weapons. I will admit, though, I would like to try rifle hunting.


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Default Jimsmokepole

As skeeter 7mm says... practice, practice and then practice a few dozen more times.
There is no such thing as knowing any new muzzleloader out of the box. Try different powders, pellet and bullet combos until you hone it down to an accurate load at any range you are comfortble with.
As far as finding a good "long range muzzleloader", I assume you mean an inline rifle. I have 2 Knight rifles and absolutely LOVE them both. I can not speak for other brands aside from the piece of crap CVA Firestorm I mistakenly purchased from Walmart due to the cheap price. However, most on the market these days are very good.
Shortly after I blew the firestorm up and it never hit worth a crap with ANY load, I purchased a Knight Wolverine (now called the Bighorn) five days before my first elk hunt and fell in love after two days of shooting it. On opening morning, I killed my first elk at 108 yds with one shot.
Soooooo, as you can tell, I'm a Knight guy.
Since my fall to "Elk-a-holism" on that faithful morning in 2003, I have since killed 4 more Elk and two Mule Deer with that same Knight Wolverine. Regarding the phrase "long range" here is my record according to my range finder:
192 yds Cow Elk - dropped with one shot
125 yds Mule Deer
145 yds Bull Elk
176 yds Bull Elk
263 yds Mule Deer
129 yds Cow Elk
I practice a lot. Usually five-six days (12-15 shots per day) at the range before each hunt. In my practice rounds, I have learned what my rifle is ultimately capable of by using a wet newspaper frame penetration test out to 200 yds. I use 130 grains of Triple7 pellets behind a 300 gr, Barnes expander MZ solid copper bullet for elk and 110 grains of triple seven pellets pushing a 250 gr. T/C Shockwave easy-glide yellow sabot for deer. These loads however, were good in MY GUN and may not prove diddly-squat in any other rifle. Only YOU can determine this through plenty of practice.
At 200 yds, I tested my loads to make certain they provided good penetration. This test frame was described by author Dave Petzle in Field and Stream Magazine - (I think). My new rifle is a Knight Mountaineer and shoots even hotter loads than my other. I consistently hit and penetrate my target at 250 yds with 150 grains triple 7 pellets pushing a 250 gr. T/C super-glide bullet at over 2100 fps.
Modern inline rifles are amazing to say the least. So if you have $600, I would recommend a Knight Bighorn $400, or Disc Extreme $580 in .50 cal. Knight rifles have been very, very good for me.
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Just out of curiosity why respond to a post that is 9 years old?
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I was wondering why I didn't recognize any of the posters.
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I was wondering why anyone wanted a long range muzzleloader, haha. I guess i see "muzzleloading" from a different angle lol.
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