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Default Shooting Roundball out of a sabot

I was asked by someone if I ever shot roundball out of an inline rifle. I told them yes of course. Just make sure that you shoot a light charge so the patch does not skip the rifleing. Actually the accuracy is rather good shooting my Knight Wolverine II.

Then then asked what would happen if I shot a ball out of a sabot. They wanted to know if this would be an accurate load. So I took some of the roundball for my revolver which are .451 diameter and loaded them in a .452 sabot. I shot them with 60 grains of Goex 3f out of a Knight Wolverine II. All I can say is they shot alright. I actually hit a couple of bulls shooting them, but could not get them consistant. I shot about a 3" group at 30 yards. The rifle will shoot them fine, but I get better accuracy with the patched round ball out of the inline rifles..

Has anyone else tried the sabot in the ball trick with any luck better then mine? Perhaps I should drop the load load even more, but I did want to kind of spin that sabot good....
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Default RE: Shooting Roundball out of a sabot

I get better accuracy with the patched round ball out of the inline rifles..

me too, one 50 grain pyrodex pellet and a patched round ball in my CVA hunter bolt is my most accurate load at 50 yards and rivals some of my sabot loads at 100 yards LOL In some ways it doesnt seem right LOL but who cares it works good
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Default RE: Shooting Roundball out of a sabot

Hi Guys,

Don't forget my results with roundball and sabots here:


100 grains APP and .440rb in a .430 sabot is what I'm using for the first shot this year!

Will try 120grains next trip too the range[]

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