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James B 05-05-2005 03:44 PM

RE: private land hunts vs. public land hunts
To me its a mute point anyway. There is no public land in the unit that I hunt in. The animals live, eat, drink and sleep on private land. You have to get permission to hunt or put in for a different unit.

justhuntitall 05-05-2005 05:21 PM

RE: private land hunts vs. public land hunts
All I can say to this is manboy you must not have ever hunted private ground or have got around very much sounds like inexperiance to me.:eek:

NVMIKE 05-05-2005 05:23 PM

RE: private land hunts vs. public land hunts
James B - you hit the bullseye w/ your first post(kinda like one bullet -one kill:D). Private vs. public isnt the real issue to me its enclosed farm raised animals that are my bone of contention, and that only goes so far as records are concerned. If you want to shoot a elk in a 40acre pen w/ his momas milk still on his lip, by all means do so, just dont think it should be listed w/ that bull that was shot 40miles into the wilderness on the hoback or sawtoothes ect...

rather_be_huntin 05-05-2005 05:29 PM

RE: private land hunts vs. public land hunts
All that matters is the animals are free ranging. Public vs. Private doesn't mean a thing. There is a little bit of an advantage most of the time on private land because of hunting pressure. But it's not enough to say it's not real hunting or there needs to be 2 books. Again all that matters is the animals are free ranging. That's it.

txhunter58 05-05-2005 07:02 PM

RE: private land hunts vs. public land hunts
Manboy said:

those are my reasons I do not like private land hunts, if any of u don't like those reasons, i don't care! i will not post on this again! if u want to hunt those areas be my guest, just don't ask for my opinion on it!

My reply:

I never asked for your opinion in the first place and neither did the person posting "DETERMINATION". The only reason I got involved is because YOU chose to offer YOUR opinion that a nice bull killed by a 12 year old cancer survivor was not worthy. If you had taken your own advice, we would not be having this disscussion because no one asked your opinion. Sometimes it does pay to keep your opinion to yourself. When I have stuck my foot in my mouth (way too many times to count) I try my best to say I am sorry and move on.

Good hunting!

shed33 05-06-2005 12:54 PM

RE: private land hunts vs. public land hunts
Bottom line is. Animals that associate many/several stimuli with danger are going to be more alert and on guard than that of another animal that may not associate those same stimuli with danger. With that being said, in general, lands that get pressured highly whether they are public or private often hold less tolerant critters and be much lower in numbers for quality age structure. On the other hand animals that do not associate many stimuli with danger will often tolerate more human intrusion. Public lands as a whole tend to get a lot of pressure, yet we all know there are pieces of public that do not. For the most part private lands get less pressure and thus animals tend to be more tolerant of human intrusion and there is often a higher number of older mature animals. We all know there are exceptions to the private land scenario as well. Common sense to me says: Anyone hunting pressured animals that consistently takes mature critters for those areas whether it be private or public is doing something right.

Adding in many other variables for instance conditioning of animals that many hunters take part in. Feeding, baits and scents for example create another equation. Every place hunted has it's own specific variables and thus would hold different challenges/obstacles for a hunter.

Then throw in what weapon is used and we unload a whole other part to the equation! I hunt private land and public mostly with my bow, and some rifle. Both have made me a better hunter, but I have worked harder on most of the public lands than I haved had to on private pieces. I find that the public land animals in my neck of the woods are much less tolerant than that of the private land critters I too hunt in area, yet I do have a few public land spots that are not pressured like other public land spots and they do for a fact up my odds seeing a more "light" tolerant animal. Meaning I see critters in these hide a ways moving out in the open or even in cover more freely during daylight hours. I like hunting specific critters, so If I find him on public I am hunting him there, if he's on private then I am hunting there. The nicest buck I have harvested with my bow lived right on the line of public and private he used both lines daily. His feed was on private and his bed on public.

I realize and agree that most public lands offer more obstacles, other hunters for one. But I will say this, when I see a guy/gal whom hunts "pressured" lands consistently bagging quality animals for that region, I want to know what it is that works for them and how they approach their hunting. They must be doing something right. Public or Private, pressure creates obstacles.

Example, I learned more from Pat Ely about turkey hunting calling in one week than I had learned in 34 years. Pat comes from PA. He hunts very high pressured private land turkeys and is very successful. He came out west last spring and show me how to talk to a turkey from many different scenarios. The merriams here have never had the talk thrown at them like Pat had in his arsenal. He had them running to us. Two big gobblers leaving their hens we scored on in two days and one in the midst of a Snow Storm! Not to mention many younger toms. These birds as Pat said were less cautious and more tolerant of us. I think it was more skill than anything. He hunts mostly private land in PA, yet more pressured than the private timber company ground (public accessible by anyone) we hunted here.

High fenced hunting operations do not interest me. I have always felt a critter was intended to be wild and free not penned in any aspect.

ShatoDavis 05-06-2005 01:25 PM

RE: private land hunts vs. public land hunts

I have a different perspective. I think that hunting in the most remote area where the animals have rarely seen human is what hunting is supposed to be.. When I go hunting I don't want to see anyone else in my area. If manBOY or any one else thinks that they have to hunt high pressure animals to be a real hunter I feel sorry for them. Pressured animals are harder to hunt that's a fact. To say that it requires better skills is an opinion. To be certain they require a different skill set, I just might not agree that it is a more refined skill.

I know of hunters who hunt high pressure areas for the same reason they are high pressure: Because they are easy to get to. They can ride their ATV's right to where they want to hunt. I have my opinions on the use of ATV's but I will not share them. These hunters are successful, but that in no way makes them more skilled. I say the opposite is true, They are lazy and are not willing to work to hunt the truely prime areas.

Hunting the wilderness areas is a daunting task. You need skills that go beyond mear stalking skills. You have to be woods wise, you have to be skilled with livestock, you have to be mentally prepared for the work load. You have to know how to tend to the carcass. You can't drive it to the locker plant. etc. etc. You guys can have the high pressure areas, I'm going to work hard to get to the places that very few are willing to get too. And I am unashamed to pay for the services of an outfitter. I pay for the services of their pack string, of their cook, and for the oppurtunity to hunt in pristine areas. If anyone thinks less of me because of it, I could care less.

Some of the best woodsman I know work the hardest to hunt unpressured animals. Whether it be on private land or in the far reaches of public land is of no consequence.

OBTW if manboy doesn't want people arguing with his ideas he should stop posting them every chance that he gets. Truth be told I believe a bit of envy is involved here.

James B 05-06-2005 01:54 PM

RE: private land hunts vs. public land hunts
Well said.!! Like I said there is no choice for me in the Unit that I hunt Mule deer. There is no public land in many of the units where I hunt. Some of the private land is easy access some it next to impossible. You can work as hard as you want or try for an easy one. The deer come out to feed on the grain fields. You have to do your scouting to know where which animals are bedding down and where they may come out to feed. The Elk are 90 percent on public land much of which is only accessable on foot. Anyway I can see little difference in way you have to hunt the critters. Therefore I can see no reason why they should not be acceptable in the record books. I don't do the trophy thing but its important to some.

huntnmuleys 05-06-2005 04:06 PM

RE: private land hunts vs. public land hunts
this really is a helluva subject....

i am with ya shatodavis on the part of liking to be where ya see no other hunters. i try to elk hunt in those areas every year. its a different kind of hunting for sure. i live near the black hills of wyoming. people elk hunt there every year. elk are VERY skittish, due to lots of pressure, so in a way that makes a very difficult hunt.....on the other hand, i have been close to a lot of high country elk, some let me get away with a lot of little mistakes due to not being pressured, but its difficult too, walking miles everyday at 11,000 feet.

it can be tough anywhere. here near town, my favorite little muley area gets a ton of pressure. its a prairie area, and in a general seaons for locals, easy draw for non residents. what tips it in my favor is that 95% of the hunters are lazy road hunters, and i hunt on foot. i know the bedding areas, i know the get away routes. and i see and get near nice deer every year. i do agree with a lot of what manboy is trying to say. around here, we have HUGE tracts of private land. HUGE tracts of public too. on some of these places, the only hunters are the owners. they usually get some really nice animals. i DO NOT feel that they are even decent hunters, as most of them are road hunters. do i wish i had the same oppurtunity? hell yes! if those places let me walk in and hunt it right, what kind of animals might i have the chance at? mindboggling.

there should not be separate record books however, these animals are free to move as they please, and i have done this enough to know that although few and far between, the big ones are on the public too. i see em every year.....just find a way of not getting an arrow into them:)

however, rather we want to admit it or not, those of us who hunt private do have some sort of an advantage over the regular hunter. i get some permission on some decent places sometimes, and have shot some pretty nice animals there that i wouldnt have got on the public. like it or not its the truth.


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