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Bear Bait recipe "Bear Crack"

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Bear Bait recipe "Bear Crack"

Old 03-07-2005, 07:14 PM
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Default RE: Bear Bait recipe "Bear Crack"

Moosehunter any and all tips would be great if you dont want to post them you could e-mail me at [email protected] thanks a million for all your help.
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Default RE: Bear Bait recipe "Bear Crack"

1snowcat.... I had posted this on here before. i just found it and am pasting it in. If you want more info just say so.
Hi there. I have been guiding for bears for many years and have been responsible for more than a few rugs that I'm sure adorn many walls from coast to coast. Over the years, the method that we have developed, we have worked out to a science. First, pick a site. If your baiting, any site will do. You don't need to scout for these things, they will come to you. The only thing that is important is that you need to establish your bait site lets say within a half mile of water. That is truely the only guideline that should be followed. Second, lets go over what to bait with. Everyone seems to have something to say about this subject, and I have tried just about all of them. As far as i'm concerned, nothing works like a good olde fashion jelly donut. That's what I feed them. You will also need some fryolator greese, and a milk crate full of "stink bait" per bait site. You can use any kind of meat or fish for the stink bait...the raunchier the better. And last but not least, what you do with all this stuff. I prefer the "crib" set up. Build a crib up against a tree with the front facing where your stand will be. This forces the bear to give you ample shot opportunities. Second, wire a 5 gallon bucket to the tree at the front of the crib. Leave about 3 feet of extra wire so the bucket can be tossed around a bit or you are gonna go through alot of them. Next, fill the 5 gallon bucket about 2/3 full of donuts. Then, take a milk crate and stuff it over the top of the 5 gallon bucket and push it all the way down. Don't worry if it is tight....they will get it off. The crate also keeps the coons and everything else out of the bait and when you start checking the bait you can tell from a distance if it was hit or not. Also, you don't need to wire the crate. For some reason, they don't realy steel them. Next, wire a 5 gallon bucket or a milk crate in a nearby tree. Place this bucket as high as you can reach..about 6.5 feet high. Fill this bucket 1/3 full of donuts. Next, wire a milk crate full of "stink bait" in a third tree, as high as you can reach, about 10 yards away. Finaly, take your two 5 gallon buckets of fryolator greese and pour one at the opening of your crib, and splash the other one all over the tree and ground where you wired the bucket with donuts in it up high. All set!!! Check it in about a week and once they start hitting it, feed them about a half to 2/3 of a bucket of donuts a day. The benefits of this method of baiting are way to numerous to sit here and describe...there is a reason for every little thing I wrote here. Don't skip a step. For instance, it is virtualy impossible to pull a track off a bear bait...they mat down the whole area. This is why you put the bucket in the tree. If there are no claw marks on the tree after the bait is getting hit regular....you have a big boar on it that is just standing up and eating out of it. If there aRE CLAWW MARKS GOING RIGHT UP TO THE BUCKET, YOU HAVE A SOW AND CUBS. If you have claw marks going up a foot or two, you have a medium size bear. Anyhow, I wrote enough....good luck and happy hunting.
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Old 03-07-2005, 11:13 PM
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Default RE: Bear Bait recipe "Bear Crack"

For the stink bait, we would fill a 55 gallon drum with fish guts and heads. Cover it up and leave it sit for about 10 months.

Fill a half-gallon milk jug, tie it to a tree and puncture the bottom with your knife. Yeeeooow!

My bait drums are 55 gallon drums with 12' chains. The entire lid is mesh.

As for actual bait stands, I'd take my drums chain them to a tree.

I used a "mash" of sorts. What ever grain I could get the cheapest and 1 gallon of corn syrup or simple syrup.

It will help the grain bind together and not just spill out of the drum.

The bears will toss the bait drum all over the place to get the grain to come out of it.


PS. Bakery items are great but are tough to procure in alot of areas.
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Old 03-09-2005, 06:51 PM
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Default RE: Bear Bait recipe "Bear Crack"

Thanks for all the help if anybody else wants to add please do.
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Old 04-05-2005, 11:02 PM
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Default RE: Bear Bait recipe "Bear Crack"

Get any sugar type substance that farmers feed calves. This stuff will work wonders.
Use a good stink bait to attract and the fructose will keep em there. Use it as a dry sugar, or let it sit and become hard like bricks, or heat it an create a thick syrup. Pour over logs and stumps. The bears will literally eat the wood.
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Old 04-06-2005, 05:16 AM
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Default RE: Bear Bait recipe "Bear Crack"

Wow that was way more complicated than it needed to be.
My advice for what it's worth.

DON'T use fish for bear bait. Bears like fresh fish.. The bears I have here in Alberta will not touch fish.. moves them off baits.
Second, Hang a beaver(natural food source) 7 ft high between two trees, that are 15 ft apart.
third, fill a 45 gallon barrel wit meat/beaver/pork (never whole baby pigs)scraps. cookies, donuts, oats, brown sugar, penut butter, what ever you can get a hold of that is tasty.
leave 2 inch lick holes in the barrel, maybe as big as 4inch, keeps the bears coming back.
if you dig a pit, or leave the bait easy for the bears to get at, they will fill up quick. The bears up here in Northern Aberta seem to run on a three day schedule(not all but most)if they eat lots at once. if you only let them niblle, not only will they come back every day, but the smaller ones will hang around giving you lots of fun viewing pleasure. they also act as early bear warnings, as they run off at the sign of bigger bears.

Make the holes in the barrel jagged to tear hair from the bears paws to indicate color phase.
Chaining is a good I dea, but not Necessary, as the bear will roll the barrel around, it helps to amuse them.

there is lots of good advice on this issue for you, pick what you think is useable, and creat your own methods.

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Old 04-09-2005, 01:32 PM
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Default RE: Bear Bait recipe "Bear Crack"

Last year we ended up using horse feed soaked in molasis and honey, we kept getting grizzly on bait if we used meat baits.
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Old 04-19-2005, 10:12 AM
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Default RE: Bear Bait recipe "Bear Crack"

If you are baiting in an area with Grizzlies, avoid using meat and fish, not only can you not shoot a Grizzly over bait in states like Alaska but if you have Grizzly coming into your bait pile then the frequency of Blacks will be reduced (Bully on the block syndrome). I've had the best luck using stale bread or dog food in a barrel with something sweet, i.e. candies, cakes, sweet rolls, etc... Also, I've had great success using Anise Oil (you can find it next to the Vanilla and Almond Oil in the groc. store) added with the items mentioned above.
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Default RE: Bear Bait recipe "Bear Crack"

For what this is worth, I live in Wyoming too. By law you should keep all your bait in one barrel per bait sight. It is becoming extremely hard to find donuts or any other kind of sweets to use. I like to use beaver,dog food,fish(frozen fresh), and pour any resturant grease/oil all over it. I like to use game cameras, it takes alot of the guess work out. I live about 3 hours from where I bait, so I fill the barrel everytime I go up so there will be bait for at least 2-3 days. Hope this helps
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