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.243 Win perfect for elk

Old 02-23-2005, 03:30 PM
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Default .243 Win perfect for elk

Is anyone here familar with the .243 Win and its use to hunt elk with. With the recent development in premium bullets now available, isn't it time that we rethink this excellent little cartridge?

If I remember correctly, the late Bob Milek used the lowly .25-06 for his elk hunting.
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Default RE: .243 Win perfect for elk

Give me a break, no way is the .243 an elk rifle, premium bullet ot not!
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Default RE: .243 Win perfect for elk

I have seen elk killed with a .243, my opinion, not enough gun unless you can consistently hit them in the head at 100yds. Give the animal a break! They deserve more respect than that. A clean humane death if you are going to do it.

I don't recall Bob consistently using a 25-06, and if he did he was an excellent shot and held his shots to close ranges. He was an advocate of a 30-06 and all those contenders.
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Default RE: .243 Win perfect for elk

As Chris Rock would say

"I can drive a car with my feet, that still doesn't make it a good idea!"

.243 for elk is irresponsible
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Default RE: .243 Win perfect for elk

Good grief Charley Brown! []

Sure it "has" killed some elk, but then likewise a .22LR has been used to take down a pachyderm or two. But that makes neither a "trustworthy" candidate. Cleanly taking deersized game with hopped up .22 centerfires and .24s is a FAR cry from using one to take elk. Sure if you have plenty of time, are willing to let many go in the quest for "just the right shot" yeah the .243 will work for elk. But that is a LONG way from being able to call the caliber a good one for wapiti.

A premium bullet fired into the lungs inside of 100-150yds "might" take one down. But it wont do it quickly. Elk can cover a hell of a lotta land in that time frame. How humane is that? Simply putting a hole in their boiler room isn't enough. Stick that same bullet into the top of the neck and it likewise "might" take em cleanly sometimes. But what about the other times when it doesn't?

I don't know about Milek using a 25/06 for elk. If he did it was under my above mentioned conditions, he was a writer with more than an occasional chance at them and I assure you he didn't prowl around on a place like White Mountain Apache in quest for a B&C class bull with nothing more than a quarter bore! Roy Weatherby LOVED his .257 and occasionally took elk with it, but even he knew the limits of the bullets and that round when dealing with animals over a couple of hundred pounds in size. Besides that, a .257 Wby loaded with something like a 117 Xbullet is a FAR cry from your ordinary .243 Winnie.

Good luck none the less,
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Default RE: .243 Win perfect for elk

No way I would ever consider doing that. Larry
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Default RE: .243 Win perfect for elk

Bob pretty much used the 30-06 and it was his favorite. He may have used the 25-06 but I can't ever remember him talking much about it. Like I said he loved the handguns, as well as the contender. He was an excellent shot with them. The .30 Herret was his pet as was the 7x30 waters.
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Default RE: .243 Win perfect for elk

I dont think it is the best elk rifle. I think you need a 270, 7mm, or a 300.
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Default RE: .243 Win perfect for elk

Man I have a hard enough time convincing folks that the .270 Winchester is a good elk cartridge.

Good luck on this one.[8D]

BTW, IMHO the .243 is no where near being an elk cartridge. Regardless of what bullet is used.
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Default RE: .243 Win perfect for elk

I agree with what everyone has said, unless you are willing to pass on several elk waiting for the right shot then its a bad choice in caliber. I honestly don't feel that the average hunter would be willing to pass on a shot if the bull of a lifetime walked out. I would be willing to bet the majority of hunters would shoot and take their chances of killing the bull. Some might get lucky and some will wound elk. If I had a choice of using a .243, or my bow, hunting elk in September. I would choose my bow any day of the week.
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Quick Reply: .243 Win perfect for elk

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