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.243 Win perfect for elk

Old 03-17-2005, 08:41 PM
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Default RE: .243 Win perfect for elk

The 243 will work fine. That is if you don't have a 223 or 22 Hornet. I may try the 17 HRM this year. Its much easier to pack around ammo for the smaller rounds.
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Default RE: .243 Win perfect for elk

People have to face it.........some people might not be comfortable with it but........people use it all the time.......people on here use it........people i know use it for moose.......and i use it for moose.....everyone can say its not possible or its irresponsible.......but its not the gun that irresponsible.......its the person using it.....people just have to be sensible as with any other type of arm........bows are not called irresponsible because people use them within their ability.....people just have to be aware of their guns abilities........whether its a .50cal. or a .17cal........ ..the kinds of shots they take are the ultimate sure tons of people on here cant understand why its even a thought.......but mostly likely these people have never used this gun for hunting larger game.....its definatly a good caliber to use if used correctly.
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Default RE: .243 Win perfect for elk

nothing than a .270 for elk and preferabbly a .30 cal

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Default RE: .243 Win perfect for elk

Last year I shot my elk at 483 yards with my .300 in the neck and he stood there for about 10 seconds then dropped in his tracks......

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Default RE: .243 Win perfect for elk

well i think we all know that a .243 is far from the perfect elk round

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Default RE: .243 Win perfect for elk

243 is a good gun i have 2 of them but would only use them for deer or varmits.
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9 years later How many elk went down with the .243 ??

Some of the new .243 factory loads are pretty hot.
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Perfect ??

I think not .................and I love the cartridge !
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Originally Posted by Gadd Zooks
Is anyone here familar with the .243 Win and its use to hunt elk with. With the recent development in premium bullets now available, isn't it time that we rethink this excellent little cartridge?.
uh, no. Nuff said
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I cringe every time I see a thread on using the .243 for anything bigger than deer!!! I also get really charged up when some idiot always comes on the thread and says they have more energy than an arrow and look how many elk are killed with archery equipment, LOL! Talk about comparing apples to oranges!!! I've got a tack driving .243 Sako and even a bigger 25-06 Ruger, but I always move on up to one of my 30-06s when it's elk hunting time!
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Quick Reply: .243 Win perfect for elk

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