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Iowawhitetail2016 07-25-2020 02:32 PM

October 2020 Oregon Black Bear, Deer, Elk - Open Invite
Hey everybody, I'm trying to get back out to Oregon again and I'll end up out there one way or another but would enjoy having the company of another person. This isn't an easy hunt and our odds of walking home with something aren't as high as they are in most western states. We're looking at about 20-30% odds for deer and 9% odds for bear (we should have better luck for both, those are just general odds of the hunt). It won't be luxury accommodations, it's tent camping in the backcountry on public lands (I can get us access permits to 700 acres of private land but we'll mainly hunt public). This isn't a guided hunt, it's not a paid hunt, and it's not a swap hunt.

This isn't an easy hunt and backcountry camping like this isn't for everybody. You have to be able to hit the ground running the second we land in Portland and hunt from sun up to sun down for seven days straight. Some days we might walk 9 miles, some days we might sit in the same spot for the entire day glassing next to the ocean. These aren't big bucks, big bears, or big elk we're talking the first legal animal you see smack 'em. We're going to be shooting anywhere from 30-600 yards with a rifle. Most shots will be across the canyon at 200-300 yards. We're at low elevation (300-600') but don't let that fool you. The thick berry bushes, ferns, and THICK tree stands are insane. Your advantage? I worked in the area every single day for four months around the deer, elk, and bears and have a good understanding of the area and ran trail cameras there.

I'm planning to go October 15-23rd, which means leaving the 15th and coming back the 23rd. I'll provide a breakdown of the costs...
Hunting License $172
Deer Tag $443.50
Bear Tag $16.50
Cougar Tag $16.50
Elk Tag (Optional) $588 We're not exclusively hunting elk and if we both harvest deer then we can go after Elk in a different area.

Rental Vehicle 1/2 = $220
Gas Approx. 1/2 = $100

I'll have camping gear, you'll need to bring all your hunting gear, rifle, food, sleeping bag, tags, etc. I'm going to be bringing my meat/antlers back as checked baggage.
Best guess is the hunt split between two people will cost $1,200 each (not including elk tag if purchased) plus a $200 flight.

Message me on here.

Poranagh 08-25-2020 06:01 AM

Very cool;

Rob in VT 08-25-2020 06:58 AM

Very generous of you to make the offer. Especially with your knowledge of the area. I hope you get a great partner on this hunt.

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