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Hello, newbie from Boise, ID...few questions


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Question Hello, newbie from Boise, ID...few questions

Which boards here would be best to ask questions about hunting conveyances?

There is an equipment board but nothing vehicle specific. Some hunters do not want to do a lot of hoofing it in the field
so mechanized mobility is crucial.

This includes various boats, motor vehicles and bicycles as well as riding/pack animals for North American hunting
for various terrain, climates and game types.
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Welcome aboard. I don't think we have a specific forum that's dedicated to hunting with atv's, side by sides, etc. It would probably help if you were able to provide which game you're hunting and the state and terrain. Not all states have the same laws regarding atv's, etc. while hunting and the terrain you're hunting in could dictate a better choice of vehicle, such as hunting through a bog, etc.

I've attached a link to an older (2014) topic on HuntingNet that might have some useful information for you to read. If you have questions, please start a new topic that is specific to your question/issue and don't post in an older topic. Necro-posting like that tends to get many people upset and usually reduces the answers you might get. Good luck and welcome again.

Atv for deer hunting?
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again, another post I thinks is all about causing a fuss and no real interest in anything here

for one, shooting on a vehicle that is powered is illegal in most states
shooting from a road is also illegal in most places
next driving a vehicle OFF an open and legal road thru public lands is also illegal
which tends to mean unless your handi cap and have a LEGAL permit, you cannot hunt from a vehicle in almost every state in the USA if not all of them!

we already have a LOT of ways to hunt, from horse back to get off the beaten path where legal
ATV' trails thru a lot of public lands

as for it providing you with MORE game animals,
the answer IMO is a BIG NO
animals are not stupid they will hear and smell a motorized machine coming from a long ways off, reducing your chances of getting game, not increase
the areas that get the most traffic from motorized vehicle where HUNTING is allowed, have less game than places that have NO motorized vehicles, and the reason is rather simple, animals don't like being bothered by atv's and motorized machines!

don't be so lazy, hunting is not a SHOOTING sport, its a HUNTING sport, that means get off your Butt if you can and HUNT, not drive in, and shoot something and then drive to it to recover it!
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