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Which one is "The One?"

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Default Which one is "The One?"

When it comes to trophies, there is always "the one" that is the most special. I'm curious which one is yours? For me it is a trophy that I personally didn't take. My grandfather was a Baptist missionary in China shortly before WWII broke out in that part of the world by Japan invading in the mid 1930s. While he was there he did some hunting and took this cat:

From he story my grandfather told us before he passed, at the age of 92, the cat had been taking livestock and the villagers asked for help. I don't have any idea what he shot it with but he said the kill shot ruined the face which is why it isn't on the skin. Even with the missing head it is about 9 foot long and over 5 feet across the paws. There is a little age wear on it and a few missing claws but it is still a head turner when people see it. I went through about a 2 year process with the USF&WS to get the proper permit to possess it legally and it will remain in my collection until the day I also pass and then will go to one of my nephews.

So that is "the one" for me. What is yours? Share your story and remember you didn't have to take it yourself, you just have to own it.
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I don't own anything that I would consider to be the one. And likely never will.

But that's that's a pretty neat item to possess, especially with it being your grandfather's.

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its rather amazing how often really exceptional trophy's are either left in the field or otherwise lost,
I have only shot one real trophy quality 7 point elk, and I had a antler mount , which "disappeared" while in storage
when I moved and had things stored for a bit over a year while my new home was being built
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Every one I shot was the current trophy. In reality I never killed anything that others would say was exceptional. That cat is indeed a rarity flags and more than that where it came from and the details along with shooter makes it so.
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I have a few trophies hanging on the wall but nothing that I consider the one. Each one has a somewhat interesting story and memories that go with them but nothing that has ever made me feel like it's the one. A backstory like that on your cat trophy, however, definitely makes it special. Thanks for the topic and share.

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That is quite the trophy Flags. Not many have a tiger in their possession, especially coming from your grandfather. Great story.

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Cool trophy. Almost wish he would have saved the head with the gunshot hole. Would have been a definite conversation starter.
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Although I was the 5th generation of my family in Colorado, I am the first hunter. But two of my prized "trophies" are a picture of my Great-Great Grandfather with Kit Carson, and a pair of beaded moccasins that belonged to Chief Ouray of the Utes that Ouray gave to my G-G-Grandfather in exchange for a "tin of biscuits."

As for hunting trophies, I've been fortunate enough to have had many great hunts in Colorado, Montana, and more that a half dozen foreign countries. I used to have a lot of wildlife pictures and paintings on the walls of my house, but I have had to move them to the basement, to make room for the many mounts from many of my hunts. I've also been lucky enough to have taken some exceptional animals, but I think "The One" animal over all the others would be the Caribou that I shot in 2017 in Quebec. I had him scored for Boone & Crockett and I was very surprised and honored to have him invited to the 30th B&C Award Ceremony this August in Springfield, MO.

He, along with all of the other animals that are invited to this ceremony, will be on display from May to August in Bass Pro's World Wildlife Museum in Springfield, MO, and will be featured in the 30th Edition of the B&C Awards Book.

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Mine is a single spike antler on a plaque. It was the first buck I shot when I was 12 years old. It was the first year I was able to hunt and one of the few times I was able to go hunting ith my father. This single antler means more to me than any other set of antlers on my walls.
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Very nice mount Flags. I personally have no desire to hunt one of the big cats. Now don't get me wrong I am not against hunting them. Just not my cup of tea. I'm sure it would be an adventurous and likely dangerous hunt and would get my heart a thumping but I'll pass.
But to stick with your post I don't have a "one" but I have 2 that have a memorable story. One is a big main frame 10 pt whitetail I still hunted and took with my bow at 22 yards and the other is a nice 4x4 muley I shot at 437 yards while lying prone hanging onto the edge of a rock outcropping with my off hand. That hunt was the hardest I ever worked for an animal and its not so much the mount itself but the memory of the hunt that makes it special.

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