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txhunter58 05-17-2014 07:31 AM

Colorado elk back door to the back door is open
Looks like my buddy and I both drew muzzy bull tags! Hunting near Glenwood Springs. Last year had a cow tag and had to pass on a nice 6x6 bull at 80 yards. Hopefully he is bigger this year!

I found this out by checking "preference points and drawing". Enter you data and the next page scroll down to bottom. It will say "pending" under elk. Now right click and pick "view source". You will have to weed through computer gobeltigoop, but near the bottom it will have how many points and below it 2014. If both point totals read 0, you drew your first choice. If you have an additional point, then you didn't draw your first choice, but still could have drawn your second.

flags 05-17-2014 07:43 AM

There is an easier way to crack the back door than that. Simply log on and act like you're going to buy another license. After you plug in your info to open your account it shows what you have already applied for. If it shows a 3 leter code beginning in a 5 then you pulled the tag. If the code begins in a 4, you didn't. Don't have to wade through all the computer crap. Nice an easy.

Looks like I'll be waiting another year for my resident unit 2 either sex tag since my 19 points didn't do it. But I did pull my buck antelope tag for unit 12 so that is cool.

txhunter58 05-17-2014 07:49 AM

Don't give up yet Flags, unless you looked in the back door I mentioned. They don't have the regular back door (the one you mention) up yet. Have to look and see your point totals at this point. For me, it is actually easier to check the point totals (less steps) but you just have to wade through computer speak.

Muley Hunter 05-17-2014 07:59 AM

The old back door isn't showing anything yet.

When you look at the points. Click on "view frame source" not view source.

txhunter58 05-17-2014 10:15 AM

You must have a different computer program because mine says "view source". Guess it works which ever one you have

Muley Hunter 05-17-2014 01:29 PM

Does yours look like this? I have a choice between "view page source", and "view frame source".

Only "view frame source" shows results for me. Which btw the deer points for me are back where they were before the draw. I'm not sure what they're up to now?

txhunter58 05-17-2014 01:57 PM

mine looks nothing like that. The only choice with "view" in it says "view source" and clicking that works for me

Muley Hunter 05-17-2014 02:05 PM

Windows 7 ?

SILVERTIP-CO 05-19-2014 07:31 PM

not yet guys
Colo DOW told my friend who called them in Denver last week that on Wednesday everyones points went to zero. Thurs when I looked that section of their pref ponts page was GONE. Now all draws show pending while the IT guys fix the glitch.

txhunter58 05-20-2014 03:56 AM

Silvertip, that is true for deer as the points have gone back to 2013.

And when you go to preference points page, they will all say "pending". However, if you follow my instructions in my first post, you should be able to see your 2014 elk points. Not everyone is showing 0 points for elk, so we assume that is accurate.

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