Big Game Hunting Moose, elk, mulies, caribou, bear, goats, and sheep are all covered here.
View Poll Results: If you had to choose 1 big game rifle, what would it be ?
.270 Winchester
.270 MAGs
.280 Rem
.300 Win Mag/.300 WSM
.300 Weatherby
.300 RUM/.300 RUM S.A.
.338 Win Mag
.375 H&H
None of the Above
Voters: 70. You may not vote on this poll

If you could have 1 big game rifle, what would it be ?

Old 05-30-2013, 06:05 AM
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With the 100 yard limitation, any would work and I'd probably go with the 30-06. Without that limitation, I'd agree with the 7mm mag supporters.
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All of the cartridges that are listed can and have killed all of the animals listed in the OP. At 100- yds or less, I doubt that any animal listed would know the difference if he was shot with any of the cartridges listed.

I have or have had rifles chambered in most of the cartridges listed, or very similar cartridges, and I have also shot all of the animals listed with .300 Win or less rifles.

My current favorite rifle is my .300 Weatherby and my backup wet weather rifle is a stainless/synthetic stocked 7mm Rem mag. I wouldn't hesitate use either of these rifles to hunt any of the animals originally listed.
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30-06 is a good all around cartridge. 150 grain for deer size game, 180 for caribou and 220 for bear/ moose size game.
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Old 06-01-2013, 05:33 AM
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I would take a 7mm rem mag, not too much and not too little. Im sure jack O'Connor fans would disagree but to each his own lol.
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Old 06-01-2013, 09:32 AM
Fork Horn
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100 yard limit you don't need that "big" of gun. Id probably go 30-06 for its versatility but just in case you have a shot over 100 yards, Id go with a .300 win mag for its flat shooting and accuracy.
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Sorry, but rifles are like Lays potato chips, you can't have just one. For this scenario I'd feel fine with any of the calibers listed, but my preferences are .280AI, .308, and .338WM.
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Out of the choices presented, the 30-06 gets my vote hands down. But can't believe the 7 mm mag was left off the list. The last time I went moose hunting in Alaska, I took my 7mm mag. In case of a stray grizzy I wanted the little extra punch. But on a moose hunt or black bear hunt in the states without griz, the 30-06 would be plenty.

However, polls like this are pretty bogus, since anyone who can afford to hunt anything can afford more than one gun eventually. Maybe it should be worded: What would your FIRST gun be. As for what I currently have/use:

Doe meat hunts: 243

Any buck deer walking (whitetail/mule deer) and hogs: 270

Elk/black bear: 30-06/50 cal muzzy

Bigger game: 338 win mag

The gun is a tool the same as shoes. You don't have just one pair of those do you?

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100 or less = 45 70. Capable of much more and impact of a freight train.
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Originally Posted by redgreen
100 or less = 45 70. Capable of much more and impact of a freight train.
X2!!! I have 5 of the mentioned calibers in the poll but for the game and 100yd distance the OP stated, my Guide Gun would get the nod. Eat right up to the big ol hole in EITHER side!
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Truth is, a 30-30 would do fine.
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