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Montana Man 01-25-2013 04:40 AM

2013 Montana Hunting
What we offer for hunting
We are located in the South East corner of Montana in hunting district 705. We are 45 miles SE of Ekalaka MT or 37 miles SW of Buffalo SD. We are a working cattle ranch of over 10,000 private acres.
We have split our ranch into two parts to offer hunting for different groups without double booking the same land. We have a summer pasture of around 2,200 acres of private land that offers elk, mule deer, mountain lion, and some whitetail. There is an older house that has electricity, but no running water or plumbing. There are two wood stoves, a microwave, a hydrant in the front yard, propane cook burner, beds, etc. for you to use. The terrain is forested hills that levels off to flat sagebrush plains. It is very secluded and a 4-wheel drive is required. We can accommodate up to 6 hunters here. It is also located 10 miles from the Long Pines National Forest with 130,000 acres of public hunting and 45 miles from the Ekalaka Hills with 20,000 acres of public hunting.
The rest of the land is located by our home place. It offers mule deer, antelope, and some white tail hunting. We have an old trailer house we have fixed up for hunters to stay at. It again has electricity, beds, TV/DVD player, microwave, etc., but no plumbing or running water. The terrain is mostly open grassy plains with a few areas of rough forest. A 4-wheel drive vehicle is also required. We can accommodate 2-3 hunters at a time. If you prefer we allow people to bring their own campers/RV and plug into our electricity at no additional charge. That way they know what they have. If you bring your won camper/RV we have enough land to accommodate up to 6 hunters. There are also hotel/motels in Ekalaka MT or Buffalo SD you can stay at if you prefer more comforts.
This is for a 6 day hunt. We do not guide or follow you around. We will show you the property lines the first day you come out and then we let you go out on your own. To hunt whichever way works best for you, but we will be available if you have any questions. We do not guarantee a kill or have any trophy fees or any other fees other than the flat rate you pay when you come. We ask that you stay on existing roads, bring your own food, water, etc. and take your garbage when you leave. All state and federal hunting rules and regulations will be followed and all penalties will be enforced. This IS hunting and not for the faint at heart. If you have any further questions feel free to email me back or you can call 406-972-4568 and ask for Lynette she can answer your questions, price our hunts, or line up a week for you.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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