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Antelope hunting in Wyoming

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Antelope hunting in Wyoming

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Originally Posted by Wheatley
Ha ha, thats funny, I would call it something a little more nasty smelling than popcorn!
Agreed, those things smell so nasty when you open them up because of the Sage Brush and their diet. Sage Grouse are the same way.
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Thanks 3006 what land do you feel is best as far as whia land grassland etc, or should I say wheres the best chance at locating animals and not so much pressure. We will take any advice we can get. Most of all we just want to have fun. Thanks for the help!!
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Old 04-30-2011, 07:41 AM
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As I stated, Unit 7 will probably even have some leftover tags and it is the best if you want to be anywhere near a town to stay, eat, get gas, etc. The town is Newcastle. Unit 27 probably won't have any tags left and even if it does it is a long way from a town and the roads are not great for making time. I would even think about buying an extra doe tag or two in July when they go on sale because you are lucky to get 40# of boned out meat off of one. Please email me if you get the unit 7 tags and I'll make you a map off my CD-ROM with all the land that's open and even put a bunch of waypoints on it so you can use your GPS when you get out there to know exactly where you are. The main thing is to go after the first few days of the season because everybody and his brother are out in all the units the first 4 or 5 days. Go after that and walk off the roads using the land to slip around and glass. You'll get some animals and have a lot of fun doing it if you get out of your vehicle and use your feet. my email addy is [email protected] & the name is Mike Stephenson

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Thanks again I will definetly email you if we draw tags in unit 7!!
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I hunted unit 23 with some buddies last fall. We hunted the second week of the season, unguided, stayed in a hotel in Gillette. We all got antelope (nothing huge, but they were trophies to us), couple guys got two (they bought additional doe tags), and one guy got a muley.

Didn't have any luck asking for permission on private land, but two of the guys paid trespassing fees for a small buck and a couple does. Selling tags and access is big business.

Make sure you get the BLM maps for the area and look for state and BLM land that isn't fenced. We had our best luck on state land/school sections since the BLM land in that unit was more rugged and suited to muleys. When the antelope get chased off the public land due to hunting pressure, you're much more likely to see them wander back onto public if they don't have to deal with fences. Antelope will walk miles before crossing a fence. We noticed the hunting got much better the farther away from town we got, mostly due to less pressure I think.

When you're navigating to small areas of public land, use your map and odometer, then use a gps to tell you how far off the road you are, that should get you on public and keep you on public land. If you see animals, don't stop the truck, especially later in the season, either have one guy hop out to put on a stalk or drive over a hill then put on a stalk (or just get away from the truck altogether as previously mentioned). They realize that a stopped truck means someone is about to shoot at them. Good luck!
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