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PA-08 Upland 12

Old 11-18-2010, 07:36 AM
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Default PA-08 Upland 12

I promise I am telling the truth. I have witnesses. You guys go ahead and name call and fuss. I am done with this thread you guys are acting sooo imature.

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I shot her in the lower jaw all her teeth were blown out including the Ivories so that was a bummer
So you proud of this completly unethical shot you made? Look Im the furtherst from a preacher type when it comes to things like this...but you took one heck of chance at simply maming that animal and letting it starve to death.

Personaly Im happy you filled your tag but use some common sense next time. A 400yd head shot is foolish and you got lucky...period.

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A story like this leaves me shaking my head. I hope you don't try this type of shot again since you can clearly see how close you came to just making a cruel wound on a game animal.
One more thing - if the rifle was sighted in to hit point of aim at 100 yards, the 400 yard drop would have been about 2 feet. Were you using a rangefinder?
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Nothing good will come of this whole post. Gen I know you are a kid but do yourself a favor and delete the whole thing before you get ripped apart. Like was said better check the ballistics on your load before you brag about the "great shot"

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I have been shooting a .270 for many years now. I can assure you hat the drop at 400 yards would have resulted in a complete miss for you. Don't believe you shot 400 yards at all. You really need to grow up young man.
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The ballistics chart linked below shows that you'd have a minimum of 17" of drop and up to nearly 30" at 400 yards, depending on the bullet type/weight. That's some serious Kentucky Windage.
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I hunt with some friends out on the open prairie where we can practice alot at considerable distances often. Never ceases to amaze me how poorly some folks judge distance.

What looks like 400 yds to a newbie is actually a measured 250 or less.

You shot an elk at 400 yds away, in the head and it rolled 300 yds. How is that for coinsidence ? So did it end up 700 yds away or 100 yds away ?

I've never shot a big game animal in the head, never felt the need to. Guess it was never the sight picture I'd be looking for thru my scope.
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Originally Posted by genesis27:3
I shot this cow in the head at 400 yds with my .270! The night before the hunt I sighted my gun in so that it could hit a quarter at 100 yds. The next morning I spotted this lone cow and I got set up and waited for her to walk out of the brush into a opening. I put my crosshairs 4 inches above her skull and pulled the trigger, she dropped like a rock and rolled 300 yds down the hill. I shot her in the lower jaw all her teeth were blown out including the Ivories so that was a bummer, But I will always remember my first head shot! Ha ha

Congrads, but if I was you, I would delete this post. A 270 sighted in at 100 yards with .41 BC kicking at 3000fps drops 26" at 400 yards.
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I call COMPLETE BS on this!!! Not 400yrds and honestly you shouldn't be doing any bragging about it, you should be saying that you made a mistake!! But this isn't the first head shot story to come from you either...
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You were extremely lucky on this one. Could have very easily broken the jaw, and had her run off to starve slowly.

Sorry for the rude awakening, but them are the facts. Please think before you try this again. I have taken my share of stupid shots, some work and some keep you awake at night. You many not be so lucky next time.
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