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Old 11-18-2010, 02:39 PM
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Unreal, absolutely unacceptable actions, especially considering the circumstances when you really didn't understand your weapon or recognize the situation. Or worse yet, you are exaggerating already unfortunate actions and making yourself look further unethical through boisterous claims. When you choose to hunt, you should also choose to respect the animal you are attempting to kill, right?... I hope you take these comments and learn from them, these actions are making you look bad, and are the fuel for the fire from anti-hunting organizations. I know you are young, but you aren't 6, you should know right from wrong. Also, you list yourself as a guide, you should be a positive ambassador to hunting. Please grow from this and make responsible decisions as you continue to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle.
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Completely UNETHICAL SHOT!! and theres NO way it was 400yrds and you only held 4" high!
Get a rangefinder and learn some ETHICS!!!
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It's a calf...not a cow!!!!!

It shows bad form taking a shot like that. It shows even worse form bragging about it. Someone needs to teach you how to respect the game you are hunting.

I have no problem with someone taking a head shot but not in the fashion you described.

Here's what your Dad should do to you.

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Not much left to say on this one. I just hope you do not let your hunters shoot like that.
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It's a calf...
On both the TRIGGER and GROUND.
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Not good little dude.................SO MUCH can go south in a big hurry when ya try a head shot, you've only got about 3in. to hit and make a clean kill with, but U have about 22in. to put one in the boiler room!!!!!
You have to stop and think that U really didn't kill this animal out right ...she most likely dropped because she was knocked out, and lucky for U she bled out!!!!
one more thing have U reall really thooght about the messsage U R sending with this statment..............
You can have my gun when you pry it from my paranoid, mentally disturbed, physically-abusive, cold, dead hand

plus on further examination of the bottem pic I would venture to agree with co luckydog and say that it is a calf and looks kinda like it might be a bull calf at that................just sayin

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Congrats on your kill. Honestly though like mentioned before, delete the thread.And people are right about their reactions, and I agree about guides being an ambassador to the sport.If this is something you are and want to continue to pursue and make a living from, be the best of the best at what you do. So far bud all you've done is scare potential clients away.Delete it ASAP.For your own livelyhood.
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Dont know why everyone is being so easy on you, your a disgrace to hunting and disrespectful to animals. May you never have opportunity again!
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The only thing more pathetic than that shot is the fact that you actually posted it on a public forum most likely in the hopes that people would pat you on the back for it. Actions like yours only fuel the fires of the anti-hunting crowd by making us all look like a bunch of unethical cowboys that have no regard for the animals we hunt. You need a serious attitude adjustment there young buck. Hunting requires an extreme level of self control and restraint that you apparently don't have yet. We all make mistakes, so just learn from this one, and do us all a favor and don't repeat it.
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No, what's pathetic is that this kid is suppose to be a professional guide. Who ever is running the guiding outfit that you are supposedly working for should thoroughly kick your ass. I hope I'm never unlucky enough to be to be guided by what ever outfit you work for if they support this kind of crap.

And then to brag that he shot her jaw off. What a douche bag.
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