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How does big game hunting in north America, Europe and Africa benefit nature and loca >

How does big game hunting in north America, Europe and Africa benefit nature and loca

Big Game Hunting Moose, elk, mulies, caribou, bear, goats, and sheep are all covered here.

How does big game hunting in north America, Europe and Africa benefit nature and loca

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PETA kills animals too, lots of them. Matter of fact, they kill most of the animals that they take in, and get very few adopted. I suggest you take the time to contact PETA and ask them WHY THEY KILL ANIMALS!!! They certainly don't eat them!!
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Hunting organizations such as Ducks Unlimited and Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation invest a lot of money in conserving habitat. Without these efforts, critical lands may be bought up, developed, and reduce the land available to wild animals. User fees paid in the form of taxes on both guns and ammunition are used to fund management of game populations. This may include providing winter food for animals. Elk, for example, come down off the high mountains in winter and herd together in low elevations -- such as 6500' elevation. These low elevations typically are now private property, and the owners are not disposed to feed herds of 100s or 1000s of elk through the winter.
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Laaksonen you forgot or did not bother posting your LOCATION in your profile ..that says it all for me ...
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Not to mention he hasn't bothered to come back on.
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Originally Posted by INFOTECHPROXIMITY9
Hunting isn't just about killing. It's funny because I hear some people talk about preserving nature and the evils of hunting but all they know about nature is what they see on the Discovery channel and their screensavers and maybe a few short hikes while on vacation here and there. If you were to spend two weeks in the wilderness on horseback chasing elk you would experience something that is part of your heritage and ancestory. You would smell some the earths best scents, better than any candle your wife buys. You would see things that would leave you speechless. You would hear nature in it's purest form.
Ok that's weird. These words were taken directly from my post but I wasn't quoted. I'm confused?
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I guess you could say that the "Act" of hunting is (to me) somewhat selfish. I don't hunt to support hunting organizations,conservation groups or wildlife agencies. I donate/belong to or buy tags from these entities because I am a tree huggin' S.O.B. when it comes to preserving the anti -urban sprawl way of life that threatens every blade of grass and wild animal this country has...That in it's self can be construed as selfish...I want there to be wild game and forest's to hunt and hunt in....FREELY!...FOREVER!

I HUNT for the freedom of providing for myself (family).The freedom of being out there...Just me and whatever happens!! Relying on myself.... Funny how so called liberals are all about organic this/that. But the meat that I obtain is TRULY organic. I did it.... and the joy,happiness and sorrow that comes along with every kill is something you won't understand unless you do it.... The government didn't have to tell me it was "safe" to eat.

I am selfish in the fact that I do set out and am focused on bringing meat home every hunting season..... but I love huntin' camp....Something always happens!...Selfish??.......Independent????

I can go hiking and watch wildlife whenever I want...Ate lunch in the middle of 26 Elk 2 wk'ds ago (30-40 yrds of most)

You don't get that at the local coffee shop!

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Originally Posted by rather_be_huntin
Ok that's weird. These words were taken directly from my post but I wasn't quoted. I'm confused?
I'm hoping it's just a new guy trying to agree with you but who knows. However, I agree with you and could only wish to express myself so well. What a great post Paul!
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